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Review: ‘Marriage Games’ by C.D. Reiss

3.5 ‘Submit’ Stars!

I still don’t know how I really feel about this book.. I am still not sure about my rating… I am still not sure if I loved it or not. I feel this was definitely outside of my comfort zone but I can see why many people loved it. Christine’s writing is just out of this world! This woman is amazingly talented and one in a million.

Marriage Games is not a book for everyone. It’s quite heavy on the kink and also on the emotional. Maybe that’s why I have mixed feelings about it. I loved the writing and the extraordinary love Adam feels for his wife. His adoration for her was extremely appealing to me. Adam’s personality is maybe my favorite thing about this book. And he is hot AF so I am not complaining about that!

Diana was the sky and all the stars in it.

“Diana, little huntress, I love you. I have loved you from day one. I loved you more each day, and I’m going to keep loving you whether you want me to or not.”

However there are also aspects that I did not enjoy as much. For instance, I didn’t like the amount of involvement of the secondary characters between the couple. Adam and Diana had their own issues to deal with and Stefan and especially Serena (I am sorry but I can’t stand this woman!) are always in the mix. Serena triggered some scenes between the MCs that I did not like at all. I don’t like that she still got to Adam in some way and how it all affected the married couple.

“Do you hate your husband?”
“I never hated him.”
“You’re about to.”

Of course, it ended in a cliffhanger and I am curious enough to want to know how this whole story will end so I am definitely starting Separation Games right now!


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