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Review: ‘Separation Games’ by C.D. Reiss

5 ‘Hunting you’ Stars!

OMG, this book has changed completely my opinion on this love story! I had some issues with Marriage Games but Separation Games was so much better for me. It’s definitely the perfect conclusion for this twisted duet!

I loved how Adam and Diana’s relationship changed. Yes, now it’s Adam who is stopping their reconciliation but I loved how Diana figths for him. She has changed, she wants all of him (especially his love and his dominance) and she is ready to claim his man. Finally I felt the strong connection between these two that I kind of missed in the first book!

Adam had broken me. He’d shown me my limits of pain, pleasure, and humiliation. He’d dragged me out of myself, folded me into his will, and put me back together.

“Beg to come.”
“Beg harder.”

The married couple has out-of-this-world chemistry and it’s in every page of Separation Games. I loved getting to see them alone, as a couple, fighting to be together (even though they had many differences). Thank God there wasn’t that extreme involvement of secondary characters in this one because that was one of the things that ruined Marriage Games for me.

“Your problem isn’t that you don’t love. Your problem is you love so much it scares you.”

I just loved how strong and powerful this couple has become through the pages of this book! And I loved getting more emotional scenes (even some funny moments!) and also getting to know all their secrets. And the ending! It was absolutely PERFECT! I absolutely adored the epilogue!

She’d given me the gift of my true self.
I was bursting out of my skin for her violation, her degradation, and her honor.

So yeah, I am rating this with 5 STARS! I totally recommend reading Separation Games because it shows better the relationship between the main characters and how they fight to get to their happy (and kinky!) place. You can’t miss this, especially if you are a fan of CD Reiss’ writing!


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