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Review: ‘Egomaniac’ by Vi Keeland

5 ‘Gotcha Day’ Stars!

I had crazy high expectations for this book. CRAZY HIGH. Vi’s last release was one of my favorites last year and I rated it with my highest rating. While I have to say Bossman is still my favorite, Egomaniac definitely reached those expectations. It was SO GOOD!

So Egomaniac is the story of Drew Jagger and Emerie Rose, a hot office romance you don’t want to miss! This standalone novel is about two people (a divorce attorney and a marriage counselor) who, because of let’s say curious circumstances, are forced to share the same office. This ‘sharing’ becomes so much more because this opposite couple is extremely attracted to each other and they start a HOT AF and emotional romance.

“I have moves. I swear. I’m just all sorts of off tonight because of everything that happened.”
“If we’re showing off moves, I’d be happy to demonstrate some of mine, too.”

I love Vi’s writing. I looooooooooove it. She develops her stories so fluently and in a pace a very much enjoy. She gives us some slow burn, some angst, some drama and definitely some funny and crazy hot moments! Drew is so dirty and together with Em, they are an amazing couple. I love me some playboy with secrets and a sassy heroine (and their banter)!

“You’re an egomaniac.”
“Maybe. But an attractive one.”

“I think your body likes me, and your head is fighting it. The two should fight it out like adults—naked in the bedroom with me.”

And you must be wondering.. playboy with secrets? Yeah! Not everything is hearts and flowers (and mindblowing sex!) between these two. Drew is a divorced man and let’s just say his past life is still making appearences in his life. I hated his ex-wife SO MUCH, OMG it made me love Drew even more when he fighted for what he wants (you’ll know what I am talking about if you read the book). This mystery I am talking about gave us the most adorable moments!

“Someone is going to be coming in any moment.”
“Oh, someone’s about to come in alright.” He slipped his hand under the back of the shirt and palmed my ass. “I’m going to fuck you up against this window.”

“You’re a beautiful man, Drew Jagger. And I don’t mean on the outside.”

And going back to Drew and Emerie’s relationship, as always, when feelings got involved in the mix, Egomaniac got even better for me! These two were incapable of not falling in love with each other, I mean with that chemistry, it was impossible not to! And the ending, it was absolutely sublime, I loved every single word!

“You’re the red in my black and white world.”

Therefore, my rating for Egomaniac is 5 STARS! It was a great way to start the year with Vi Keeland, one of my favorite writers. A wonderful love story full of sexy times, all the feels and a couple with overwhelming chemistry! I can’t wait to see what is next and I definitely can’t wait for Keeland’s new upcoming release with Penelope Ward. So, if you have enjoyed her books in the past, you cannot miss reading Egomaniac, I totally recommend it!


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