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Review: ‘Us’ by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4 ‘US’ Stars!

After finishing Him yesterday I wasn’t sure how Sarina and Elle would extent this story but I am happy to say I really enjoyed it! Jamie and Wes have such an amazing relationship and this does not change in the sequel. However, it does get difficult for them and I found Us even more emotional than Him.

I don’t know how to make things better. I love this guy, I really do. But I didn’t anticipate how hard this would be.

Him remains my favorite of the two books because even though I really liked how the relationship between the MCs developed, I have to say sometimes it was too much. Wes needs to travel a lot and Jamie does too and I did not enjoy as much how Jamie reacted to the consequences of this “distance”. Thank God he reacted at the end! It felt a bit rushed but I loved the ending!

I’d sell my soul to the devil before I let anything happen to this guy. He’s my entire life.

“You belong on this team. You belong with these people. You belong with me.”

Therefore, my rating for Us is 4 STARS because it was a great addition to the love story between Jamie and Ryan! And can I say, I can’t wait to read Blake and Jess’ story? It’s already out so I am so reading it sometime soon!! So, if you enjoy MM romance, do not hesitate to grab this, it was so good!



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