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ARC Review: ‘Dirty Doctor’ by Whitney G.

5 ‘F.N.A.M.’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.


Whitney G. is killing it this year! We started with a pretty naughty boss and now it’s time for the dirty doctor. And if you know Whitney’s books, you know how dirty he can get 😉

Dirty Doctor is a standalone novella that belongs to her new series of shorts called Steamy Coffee Collection. This is the story of Garrett Ashton and his new resident Natalie Madison. Of course, our hero is kind of an asshole (you know Whitney! lol) and he has this online girl “friend” that he is ready to meet. Imagine his reaction when he discovers that the woman who left him waiting is the one and the same resident he can’t keep his eyes off at the office.

“What are you doing two Fridays from now?”
“Nothing that I know of.”
“Wrong answer,” he said. “You’ll be fucking me… Say it.”

Doctors aren’t supposed to be this sexy… There’s no way this man is a ‘real’ doctor…

I loved this novella! If you follow me, you must know the love I have for Whitney’s writing and Dirty Doctor was no exception. It was quick, funny and, of course, super sexy! This woman never fails to deliver hot dirty talkers! I have to say, I even loved this one more than Naughty Boss because I felt the ending was so much better and complete!

“Miss Madison,” he said, looking at me as if I was actually a patient. “I’m Dr. Ashton and I’ll be taking care of your pussy today.”

Therefore, my rating for Dirty Doctor is 5 STARS because I simply devoured it! It’s always great to find a quick and hot fix between reads and this did not disappoint! Whitney G. has given us another fantastic, hilarious and sexy love story. I can’t wait to read Cocky Client and anything else that is coming our way from this outstanding author!


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