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Review: ‘Walk of Shame’ by Lauren Layne

5 ‘That’s How You Know’ Stars!

My dear Lauren Layne, you magnificent woman, you’ve written another masterpiece! Actually, this book left me without words after finishing it that I did not write the review until now. I just re-read my favorite moments (basically the whole book lol) and I fell in love all over again with this outstanding enemies to lovers story!

Walk of Shame is the fourth installment in the Love Unexpectedly series but it can be read as a standalone. In fact, I haven’t read the other three books in the series so I can assure you it can be read as said. Now, here is why you’ll love this book: two actual opposites (in almost every aspect) fall in love. We have a sexy workaholic hero (Andrew) and a sassy heroine who likes to party and have fun (Georgie) and together they gave us the most wonderful frenemies love story.

If I had even a lick of sense, I’d forget him and this weird game we’re playing. Instead I keep coming back for more.

Basically, Andrew and Georgie are neighbors and they’ve had this weird tension between them since the very first day they met. As you can imagine, they love to bug each other (especially Georgie) and, of course, it’s is clear this “tension” is not only about hating each others guts. The back and forth between the MCs is to die for! I loved the banter between these two and how that develops into an adorable, emotional and very sexy chemistry. Man, the sexual tension!

“What exactly did you do for exercise, Georgiana?” he says, giving me a skeptical look. “Twirl your hair?”
“If I do it vigorously, it counts as cardio.”

Shit. He was screwed. How had this woman gone from being the aggravating menace of his early mornings to the center of everything?

The consequences of these “perfectly ridiculous” situations is, obviously, inevitable! The mix of sassiness, light angst and sexual tension is mindblowing and when these two start actually falling for each other is even better. Their chemistry is HAWT AF, guys! Walk of Shame made me laugh, made me cry and made me swoon all over the place: that’s why I loved it this much! Andrew and Georgie are such an amazing couple that you can’t stop from falling in love with their love story.

“Love me back,” he whispers. “Please love me back.”
“You’re ridiculous,” I whisper. “Of course I love you back.”

Therefore, my rating for Walk of Shame is 5 STARS because I can definitely assure this is one of the best works by Lauren Layne and you all know how much I love her! This woman never fails me when it comes to reading a light but still exceptional love story. Highly recommend checking this book out, especially if you enjoy the enemies to lovers troupe!


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