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Review: ‘Before I Ever Met You’ by Karina Halle

5 ‘All in, Dream Girl’ Stars!


Gaaaaaaaaaaaah, this book <333 Karina Halle is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers ever: she writes amazingly well, her characters are just outstanding and complex and the chemistry between them is absolutely beautiful and oh-so-hot!

Before I Ever Met You is an emotional narrative between a recent divorcee and the daughter of his best friend. Yep. There is a sixteen age difference between the main characters but let me tell you: you will not care about it when you meet these wonderful characters and fall in love with this amazing love story!

“I’ll call you Dream Girl. Because that’s what you are to me.”

Jackie is such a great heroine: a single mum dedicated to her son, a woman who has gone trough a lot and derserves to find the man of her dreams. And boy! Does she find him in Will! Will is my new book boyfriend btw! He is perfect: swoony, protective and damn sexy! Karina is great when it comes to the very emotional moments and she is so good when it comes to the sexy times too!

I knew at that moment I’d never be the same. That I was done for. That if I didn’t end up with her, I’d spend my whole life searching for another kiss like that and I’d never find it.

Love won.
As it always should.
I chose right.

Therefore, I am rating Before I Ever Met You with 5 STARS because it just deserves it so much! I loved the plot, the characters, their chemistry and that fantastic ending! And you know how much I enjoy a good forbidden office romance, guys! Karina is such a talented woman so I am sure she will keep up this greatness in her future releases so yeah, definitely recommend this one!


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