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Review: ‘Sweet Surrender’ by Nina Lane

5 ‘My Darling’ Stars!

I am sure it does not come as a suprise that I loved another of Nina Lane’s creations! And I am also sure most of you know her fantastic Spiral of Bliss series (Dean West is PERFECT and I can’t get over him!) and she started a very sweet and sexy new series last year called Sugar Rush. Well, I really enjoyed the previous two books and this one was no exception!

Sweet Surrender is the third installment in the series and it tells the story of the youngest Stone brother (Tyler) also known as the bad boy of the family and Kate Darling, Luke’s secretary and a woman who is very much hidden under lots of layers and who is now asking said bad boy some advice on dating. You can imagine how it ends, right? 😉

“The dating game is not one of mine.”
“Too bad.” […] “I happen to be a pro at the dating game.”

I love Nina’s stories. I just simply love them! They always got a right amount of everything that I enjoy: a great list of characters, a couple with off-the-charts chemistry and an engaging plot. The Sugar Rush stories are very entertaining and Sweet Surrender was definitely that and so much more! I instantly connected with the characters and their chemistry is palpable on every single page, I can assure you that!

“Lesson number five or whatever. Be spontaneous.”
“Spontaneous shouldn’t also mean unprofessional.”
“Fuck professionalism.” He squeezed her breast. “Let’s be dirty librarians and get between the covers.”

Tyler and Kate, as you can see, become “friends with benefits” but if the sparks are so strong as the ones these two have, obviously, feelings get in the mix. This couple is funny, sweet and so hot but also so strong (together and apart!). I loved how at the end everything connects and how the main characters grow as people and also as a couple. Nina’s books always make me all goey inside and this one definitely did that!

Love was all the things he’d heard about but never felt until Kate—a crazy, spinning happiness, the knowledge that he was a better person with her than alone, that she’d made him a better person.

Therefore, my rating for Sweet Surrender is 5 STARS because I loved every single page of this story and its characters! Nina creates the best swoony and sexy heroes and lovable heroines. I can’t wait to see who is next in this series because I am definitely excited to read more about the Stone family! Highly recommend this one!


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