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Review: ‘Real Dirty Duet’ by Meghan March

Real Dirty AMAZON

4.5 ‘Sugar’ Stars!

Meghan March writes one of the best alpha males out there, seriously!! Boone is stealing my heart with his sexiness and his persuit to get together with Ripley.

“You’re a good man, Boone.”
His smile takes on a wicked edge. “I might be a good man, but I want to do very bad things to you.”

Again, a great addition to her Dirty spin-offs and for me, even better start than the last duet!

Going straight to reading Real Sexy after that cliffy at the end!


Real Sexy AMAZON

5 ‘Lovebirds’ Stars!

I can definitely tell now that the Real Dirty duet might be my favorite in the Dirty series! Boone is one hell of an alpha and Ripley is just an amazing heroine. Their chemistry is smoking hot and their love story so engaging and entertaining! I literally devoured these books, I felt so connected with the characters and the development of their journey together.

“I don’t need time to know that you’re not like any woman I’ve ever met before, and everything you are is everything I want. Don’t try to push me away just because you’re scared of what’s happening here.”

She’s mine, and she’s staying mine.

Boone, as you can see, is just PERFECT! Real Sexy even more interesting and enjoyable for me. I wanted to know everything and I loved how this got extremely emotional between the couple. Those sweet moments stole my heart! Meghan March gets better and better everytime so I can now say, I recommend this duet for sure!


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