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Review: ‘Good Boy’ by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4.5 ‘Cheezus’ Stars!

Blake, Blake, Blake.. Your hilarious sexy self has stolen my heart! Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy are just an outstanding duo of authors and they definitely did not fail with this book! I feel in love with them while reading Him and Us and now with this spin-off I’ve fallen all over again. Good Boy is so funny, engaging and sexy!co

So, as I mentioned, this series can be considered a spin-off of the Him series because the story is about Jess Canning (Jamie’s sister) and Blake Riley (the sexy and annoying neighbor we met in Us). Jess is now planning the Wes and Jamie’s wedding and she (kind of) is not ready to face Blake after their one-night-stand. However, Blake is not giving up! He wants her and he will have her.

“We’re way more than friends, Jessie.”
“Blake—” She sounds exasperated.
“But no worries,” I finish breezily. “I’ll just sit tight until you figure that out.”

I am in love with the characters these two authors create. I loved Jamie and Wes and now I, for sure, love Blake and Jess with the same passion! These two are just hilarious, adorable and smocking hot together. Good Boy is so well written and developed. The story flows perfectly and the builing of the MC’s relationship is absolutely amazing. All that banter, all those sexy times and all those feels make Good Boy a magnificent read!

Silly Jessie. We are dating. She just doesn’t know it yet.

I love books that are able to make me laugh out loud! And make me swoon! And make me need a fan! lol These couple just clicked all the things that I enjoy in a good read and I just cannot wait to read the next book (and hopefully, more stories about the fantastic characters we met!). I do have to say I always miss not having an epilogue, but the ending of Good Boy was so funny and adorable!

Jess Canning is…my goddamn world. We might’ve started off as fuck buddies, then took a trip into the friends-with-bennies zone, but she’s mine now. And she’s everything to me.

Therefore, my rating for Good Boy is 4.5 STARS because Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy just did it again! They made me fall in love with these characters even more and they gave us another outstanding love story! If you haven’t checked their books out, I highly recommend you do because you will not regret it!


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