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Review: ‘Beautiful Mistake’ by Vi Keeland

5 ‘My guardian Angel’ Stars!

My goodness! Vi Keeland has such an extreme talent that she manages to surprise me every single time. I always wait for her releases like a kid on Christmas’ day and I was so excited about this one because it just sounded so freaking good! And man.. was is good! It was so much more than that..

Beautiful Mistake is Vi’s newest novel and it is a standalone love story between a sexy music teacher and his new TA (teacher assistant). Caine and Rachel meet in the most hilarious circumstance and they do not expect to meet again. Imagine when they actually do meet and sparks start flying everywhere (and not just the panty-melting kind of sparks!).

“Earlier I told you I didn’t bite students.” He smiled, and I felt the wickedness from it shoot down to some interesting places. “I don’t. But I make no promises about not biting feisty TAs.” 

Vi Keeland’s creations just click with all my must-have boxes in a very especial way. I find that her books have everything that I enjoy in a good contemporary romance: great plot, outstanding characters, a little bit of drama and lots of heat! And Beautiful Mistake was no different. I loved the development of the story, the surprises along the way and the scenes and extremely hot chemistry between the couple.

“If I weren’t your professor and you weren’t a nice girl, your re-virginized pussy would be sore as hell right now.” 

OH MY GOD. Does Vi know how to write heart racing sexual tension? Heck yes! This woman is a genius when it comes to wonderful chemistry between the main characters. The building of Caine and Rachel’s relationship was just fantastic and when it actually came to the sexy times.. it was hotter than hell! And when the feelings get in the mix, even better!

“It’s us.”
“Together. It just works. I felt it the first night we met. Just didn’t want to accept it.”
“Do you accept it now?”
“I never really had a choice, Feisty.”

And what I love about Keeland’s writing is how she surprises her readers with a twist every single time. I definitely do not expect what happened but I loved it! It made me connect even more with the story and the main characters. That is what I love finding in a good novel: how everything connects perfectly. And, of course, everything connected brilliantly at the end (I looooved it!).

“Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.” 

Therefore, my rating for Beautiful Mistake is 5 STARS! I mean.. does it come as a surprise? It’s freaking Vi Keeland! I got everything I wanted and more so I am not complaining at all! I loved Caine and Rachel and their love story and I can’t wait to read what is next. A new collaboration with Penelope Ward is coming and I want it like yesterday! So, of course, highly recommend this one!

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