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Review: ‘Stay’ by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

4.5 ‘Hottie’ Stars!

Gah! This series is just AMAZING! Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy together.. they are just one heck of a writing duo. I love sports romance and these two authors are creating a fantastic world of stories and characters that will not leave you indifferent. Sarina and Elle’s books are hilarious, entertaining, fluent and super sexy: of course, this one was no exception!

Stay is the second installment in the WAGs series and it’s time for Matt Eriksson to fall in love all over again. Matt is divorced and has two adorable daughters but he is kind of afraid of starting a new relationship but when she meets Hailey Taylor Emery he is completely captivated! Hailey is the co-owner of Fetch (a virtual assistant service that Matt uses), also recently divorced, and she has the greatest crush on Matt. Imagine when they met and the sparks start flying!

I can’t turn away from those eyes. I feel like something is happening right now. Something weirdly intimate and scarily intense, and yet all we’re doing is looking at each other. 

I love sports. I love comedy. I love sexy love stories. Well.. Stay has everything so, as you can guess, I really enjoyed the journey of reading this novel. The characters are outstanding, the story is compelling, the banter is hilarius, the couple has an out-of-this-world chemistry and the secondary characters are to-die-for! Sarina and Elle gave us lots of hilarious moments with all the characters that will leave you wanting more. I can’t wait to read the next story!

“The best things in life are the ones you don’t expect.” 

Therefore, I am rating Stay with 4.5 STARS because I loved catching up with all these characters and reading another wonderful love story. Matt and Hayley were absolutely brilliant and the twins will steal your heart with their adorableness! I am sure we will be getting more stories in the WAGs series and I want them yesterday! lol Highly recommend!


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