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Review: ‘Hollywood Scandal’ by Louise Bay

4.5 ‘Thunder shelter’ Stars!

Louise Bay just delivered another sexy love story! Now leaving the New York theme she gave us the past few books she released, now she makes us fall in love with a Hollywood A-lister. And I can assure you that Matt Easton will make you swoon and melt like he did with the heroine of the story.

Hollywood Scandal is Louise’s newest standalone novel and this time we see a Hollywood rising star and literally the girl next door falling in love. Matt is filming a new movie in Maine and he is impressed by the woman who shouts (very passionately) at him while on a thunderstorm. Sparks start flying everywhere between them and their scandal starts!

I wanted to keep her attention, to share stuff with her in the hope she’d see a person I didn’t show many people. I wanted her to see the man beneath the star. I wanted her to know the real me. 

I love this woman’s novels! They are so sexy and full of great characters and scenes. Lana and Matt are just fantastic together! Even though it’s not easy for them (especially for Lana) to be dating, their chemistry and the love that starts growing between them makes everything possible (and beautiful). And THAT ENDING.. Gah, I absolutely adored it!

Jesus Christ, I wanted this to last forever. I wanted us to do this again and again. I wanted time to stand still.

I’d finally found my place in the world. Nothing else mattered. Not Hollywood, not scandals and not movies.
As long as it was the two of us, I had everything I could ever want. 

Therefore, I am rating Hollywood Scandal with 4.5 STARS because Louise Bay developed this new theme amazingly and she gave us another couple to fall for. I can’t wait to see what is next! Check this book out if you want to swoon over this hot Hollywood A-lister!

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