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Review: ‘Unfixable’ by Tessa Bailey

4.5 ‘I didn’t see you coming’ Stars!

My Tessa Bailey fixes are everything! Unfixable has just become one of my favorite novels by this wonderful author. Willa and Shane are absolutely fantastic characters and the building of their relationship is just beautiful!

Unfixable is a New Adult standalone novel by Tessa Bailey but it can be considered a spin-off of her Line of Duty series because it has characters we met there before. This is the hate to love story between two broken people who cannot escape the connection between them.

“Don’t you dare,” I manage breathily, when his gaze drops to my mouth. “I bite.”
Damn him, he presses closer. “Maybe tonight I fancy being bitten.”

“It’s inevitable, Willa. We are inevitable. When you stop fooling yourself, come and find me.” 

This is one of my favorite books by Tessa Bailey. There, I’ve said it! Unfixable was a great love journey and it was even better for me because it had all those characters (that I love so much) back in the story. Willa and Shane are such a fantastic couple and they will melt your insides with their out-of-this-world chemistry! (If you read Tessa Bailey before, you absolutely know what I mean..)

“Is this how it’s going to be?” His breath hitches as I start to match his rhythm, meeting each shove of his hips with a twist of my own. He lets me participate for a moment, then pins me against the car with a growl. “Every goddam time is better than the last. How the hell am I supposed to walk away from that? From you?” 

Therefore, I am rating Unfixable with 4.5 STARS because, as always, Tessa did not disappoint me at all with this amazing novel. Her stories just get me every single time and her characters steal my heart because they are so good! It was very easy to fall in love with the story and the characters. I wish we had more of these two (and Derek and Ginger too!) because I could not get enough. Unfixable was superb: angsty, emotional and (of course!) smoking hot! I mean.. this is Tessa Bailey, people! Her dirty talking heroes are very much known around here.. And Shane was no exception 😉 Highly recommend this one.

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