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Review: ‘The Duchess Deal’ by Tessa Dare

5+ ‘Dream. Hope. More’ Stars!

Now I completely understand many of my book friends swooning so hard over this book. I TOTALLY GET IT. This book was simply BRILLIANT. It’s been the longest time since my last historical romance read and now this masterpiece just reminded me why I love it so much! I can’t even put it properly into words but Tessa Dare just made me melt into a puddle of happiness.

The Duchess Deal is the first installment of Tessa Dare’s Girl Meets Duke series and it’s one of the best historical romances I have ever read (and that is saying a lot!). The story focuses on the Duke of Ashbury a.k.a Ash and Emma Gladston: a very peculiar couple that meets in very rare circumstances and they end up having a marriage of convenience (yeah right..). Ash is scarred on the outside and inside, he is scared to trust and to love but Emma (who is also suffering from her past and present) changes everything. And they are stronger and so beautifully in love together.

That was, perhaps, the most unfeeling proposal she could imagine. The man was cynical, insensitive, condescending, rude.
And she was definitely going to marry him.

I am just sad I finished because I would have read this book for forever. And I just can’t believe this is my first read by Tessa Dare! The Duchess Deal has every little thing that I love about romance novels: a fantastic plot, a complex and just outstanding couple, engaging secondary characters, plenty of angsty, funny, sweet and emotional moments and, of course, lots of love (and swoons and feels!) all over it!

Everything in his life backfired. First that rocket at Waterloo. Then his engagement. Now this whole blasted arrangement with Emma. Despite the supposedly impersonal nature of their marriage, she was slowly working her way under his skin, under his scars. If not deeper. 

My dear Duke and Duchess of Ashbury.. what a splendid experience you gave me! Emma and Ash just became one of my favorite historical couples ever. These two are just amazing together as well as on their own. Both scarred for life, Emma and Ash develop the most beautiful relationship from the beginning until the very end of the book. Their chemistry is palpable on every page, and it’s seen even more with those sexy as heck scenes and when they start falling in love. My heart.. Gah, I am so happy!

“You’re mine,” he said hoarsely, lifting his head and staring deep into her eyes, willing her to believe. “If you leave, I will follow. Do you hear me? I will follow and find you and cart you home.” 

So, of course, I am rating The Duchess Deal with my special 5+ STARS because this book is simply ALL THINGS ROMANCE. I loved that tortured swoony hero, I loved that strong and sweet heroine and I loved the swoony-sexy-feely fest between them. I am so going to have a major book hangover after this, I am sure. But it is SO worth it! If Tessa Dare does better than this, I will surely die (and I can’t wait for more!). READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW GUYS!

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