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Review: ‘The Time in Between’ by Kristen Ashley

5 ‘Our Paradise’ Stars!

Every time I finish a book by Kristen Ashley I am left with the same feeling: pure happiness. I am left with a HUGE smile on my face because this woman satisfies all my romance expectations. The Time in Between was the perfect story to end this emotional series. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one.

So, The Time in Between is the third and final installment in the Magdalene series and what better way to end it than with a second chance romance? Cady Moreland and Coert Yeager had a beautiful love story 18 years ago but it ended suddenly and in very bad terms. Now Cady is back, she wants some peace but Coert is not having that. He turns her world upside down all over again (and it’s FANTASTIC!).

He wanted me to avoid him?
That I could do.
What I wasn’t going to do was let him break me.
Not again.

I just freaking LOVE Kristen Ashley. She is my queen because her stories hit me on every spot imaginable. This novel is what I expected from what we have seen in the Magdaleneseries: it was extremely emotional and dramatic but also funny and (definitely) hot AF. The story goes between past and present and it works so well. Cady and Coert are one hell of a couple and you will feel their chemistry in every page!

“I loved you and I made you live a hell.”
“I loved you and I was happy to be in that hell if you were there with me.”

Of course, besides the wonderful couple, we have outstanding secondary characters: the couples from the other books, the respective families (but specially Cady’s), a secondary younger couple (so cute!) and the most adorable children. I love finding this familiarity in novels. The relationship with the whole family is so heartfelt and you just feel part of them while reading.

“All her life, she never belonged anywhere. Not anywhere. Not with her family, who didn’t allow her to belong. Not her real family, my family, who wants her to belong. The only time she ever belonged to anything, to anyone, was when she belonged to you.” 

And finally, the ending. Nobody writes happy endings like Kristen Ashley. They are absolutely PERFECT in every way. A wonderful epilogue with the whole crew that any KA fans out there will adore. Cady and Coert (and all the others) surely deserved their happily ever after.

“We had a version of paradise, but this here? This is the real thing.” 

Therefore, obviously, I am rating The Time in Between with 5 STARS because this second chance romance just was everything I expected it to be: the perfect way to end the Magdalene series (a series that deserves to be remembered, that is for sure!). These three couples (and novels) will steal your heart: don’t miss them for the world guys!

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