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Review: ‘Royally Matched’ by Emma Chase

5 ‘The Henry Effect’ Stars!

Another winner by Emma Chase! I am absolutely adoring this series and these marvelous characters. You want want a sexy royal playboy? You got it! You want a cute cheeky bookworm that makes him fall at her feet with love? You got it! You also want lots of romance, hot AF sex and all the emotions? You SO got it too!

Royally Matched is the second installment in Emma’s Royally series and it’s now time for the playboy in the family to fall in love. Henry (after how Royally Screwed ended) is about to become king and he needs to find his match. What better way to do it while on a royal reality show? Well.. it seems he will be not very interested in it when he meets the quiet (and sassy!) Sarah.

“Is there any wild in you, Teet-bottom?”
“Not even a little. I’m the boring one. The good one.”
“Corrupting the good ones is my favorite pastime.”

I seriously love how romantic this series is! The heroes are definitely swoon-worthy and to-die-for material. I loved Henry and Sarah to pieces. They seem so different at first but it was pretty clear, as the story went on, that they complement each other really well. The masks they are wearing all the time fall down when they are together and it’s so beautiful to see them falling in love.

Henry makes me want to take a chance.
On new experiences. And on him.

For reasons I can’t put my finger on, the fact that this pure, unadulterated lass believes it—that she believes in me—makes me think that the day could come when I believe it too. 

Also, let’s not forget to mention the crazy chemistry between these two. Boy, does Emma Chase know how to make us swoon and melt all over the place! The sex and the romance is out-of-this-world amazing. And that ending.. I just want to say that if you are a classic novel lover like me, you will absolutely be satisfied with it!

There are no words. We don’t need them. Our hands speak for us—desperate and holding. Our tongues show our wet worship and our eyes speak our confession—our adoration for each other. 

Therefore, my rating for Royally Matched with 5 STARS because it was just as good as the first book (with the same principal elements that made my heart sing!) but different in its own way. Henry and Sarah are a brilliant couple that people will surely love to pieces. I can’t wait to read the next story (bodyguard.. heck yes!). Highly recommend reading this one!

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