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Review: ‘Dear Bridget, I Want You’ by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

5 ‘My luv’ Stars!

I completely understand why Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland say Simon is their favorite hero to date. Every time these two wonderful authors get together it’s pure magic because they give their readers exactly what we want: a story with complex and lovable characters, lots of sexual tension and crazy chemistry, some drama and mysteries and, of course, all the feels!

Dear Bridget, I Want You is this duo’s newest standalone release and it tells the love story between a sexy British doctor and his new roomate (who he happened to already met in a VERY interesting situation). Bridget is a young widow with a cute eight year old who feels guilty when she starts having feelings for her younger roomate. In a mix of friendship, sexual tension, secrets, a very cute little boy and LOTS of chemistry, Bridget and Simon can’t stop themselves from falling in love.

What they say about wanting what you can’t have is apparently true. For some bloody reason, I can’t stop thinking about you in very inappropriate ways. 

Of course, you already know what I am about to say: these two women writing together are just OUTSTANDING. Their stories feel SO real and their characters are so well-developed that you connect instantly with them. That is what makes the books written by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland so good. Bridget and Simon are another fantastic addition to the couples created by them.

I was more afraid of losing you than I was of finding you. 

What I love most about Dear Bridget, I Want You is, of course, the main characters (as individuals and as a couple). Bridget is a lovely woman who will do anything for her adorable child, a woman that is still scared to love again but there is no possibility for her not to fall in love with the hero. Simon.. Simon, Simon, Simon.. you sexy Brit! I want to be all over him! This man is sex on legs and so swoony that he will make you melt on your sit. Also, both characters have a vulnerability to them that will make you love to see how they heal together.

“You’re not enough, Bridget. Enough is the minimum amount that it takes to satisfy something. That doesn’t even begin to describe what you are—you’re everything. You’re not the fucking minimum—you’re the maximum.” 

So yeah, it’s pretty obvious that my rating is going to be high. I am giving Dear Bridget, I Want You 5 STARS because it was just an outstanding love story. Penelope and Vi are such a brilliant duo of writers and, of course, they did not fail with this novel. Simon and Bridget are definitely on my top favorite couples written by them! Highly recommend reading this one!

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