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Review: ‘Tripped Out’ by Lorelei James

4.5 ‘Pop Tarts & Cheetos’ Stars!

Well, color me surprised! Or not really.. I mean, Lorelei James is one of my favorite western romance writers but she is actually great on any kind of genre she writes. In fact this novella is part of a western series but it feels it belongs more to the NA genre. But leaving that aside, Tripped Out was fantastic!

As I said, Tripped Out is part of the Blacktop Cowboys series and it tells the story of two people we have met through the 1001 Dark Nights novellas in said series. Liam and Stirling work together and, supposedly, they hate each other. However, let’s just say that when their walls fall down these two discover a beautiful connection between them.

“You’re not prim and proper when the lab coat comes off, are you?”
“Not. Even. Fucking. Close.”

I feel great after reading this short story (and it’s not because of the weed these two make! lol). Tripped Out is funny, extremely entertaining and sexy as hell! The sexual tension between Liam and Stirling is off-the-charts HAWT. And they are just so hilarious and adorable together. I really loved this short story and that wonderful ending!

Their mouths would meet and part. Sharing a tender kiss. A kiss that bordered on brutal. Ebb and flow. Perfection. He’d found it, even when he never really believed it existed. But it did. Here in this space and time with her. 

Therefore, my rating for Tripped Out is 4.5 STARS because it was a great (and quick and sexy!) reading experience that gave me everything I enjoy in a good light romance. Lorelei James did not disappoint at all (she never does!). Definitely recommend this one!

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