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ARC Review: ‘On a Tuesday’ by Whitney G.

4 ‘I am THAT good’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I know what I will get every time I read anything by Whitney G.: a sexy asshole hero, a strong heroine, some drama and LOTS of heat. I’ve been waiting for this novel for a while because, even though I love me some short stories (like her latest releases), I always love more enjoying a long read. And Whitney just delivered another good one!

On a Tuesday seems will be the first installment in a new series called One Week which will be based on some of Adele’s songs. This one is a second-chance romance between two people who fell in love in college but separated suddenly and now, seven years later, they reunite. And Grayson, our hero, will not stop until he finds out what really happened between him and Charlotte (and until he gets her back).

“I think Tuesdays are going to be my new favorite day of the week.” 

Second chances is one of my favorite themes in romance writing and Whitney is also one of my favorite authors so.. of course, those two things together worked perfectly. How adorable is that Grayson and Charlotte started their love story on a Tuesday and after that all Tuesdays became special to them! Well, they also reunite on a Tuesday and everything feels the same for both of them: they still love each other passionately.

“We both know I’m not going to stop pursuing you, so even if I leave today, I’ll be right back here tomorrow.”

He continued owning my body like no other man could, bringing me to back to back orgasms— making me accept that he would always be the best sex I’d ever had. 

I love stories that mix past and present and On a Tuesday was no exception. The glances to the past were hilarious, heartbreaking and also oh-so-sexy! These two definitely do not lack on the chemistry. However, I do have to say I would have loved to see more of their story in the present. I felt like the end was a bit rushed but still it was so beautiful to see them so happy!

“We’ve lost seven years of each other,” he said, looking right into my eyes. “Is it too late for a second chance?” 

Therefore, my rating for On a Tuesday is 4 STARS because it looks like a great beginning to Whitney’s new series. I love second chance romances and to see this couple falling in love all over again was so up my alley! I can’t wait to see what is next because I am surely reading it. Definitely recommend this novel, especially if you are a Whitney fan like me!

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