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Review: ‘Stud Finder’ by Lauren Blakely

4 ‘Getting matched’ Stars!

The perfect quick read for a weekday afternoon, of course, this was another winner by Lauren Blakely! I love what she is able to present to her readers in such a short format: great profound characters, an entertaining storyline and a couple that melts you with their sweetness!

Stud Finder is a 1001 Dark Nights standalone novella but it can be considered part of Lauren’s Big Rock world. It tells the love story between a hot nerdy businessman (Dylan) looking for the love of his life and a sassy matchmaker (Evie) that is decided to not fall in love with her newest client. Let’s just say both of them fail miserably on that!

The women all sound great. I bet they’re fantastic ladies.
But I don’t want to date them.
What I want to do is convince Evie to date me.

This short story was pure sweetness! Evie and Dylan start as matchmaker and client but everything starts to blur when they start REALLY liking each other. The connection between these two is amazing from their very first meeting and it gets even better when both accept their feelings for each other (that sweetness gets hot too!!). I really enjoyed reading Stud Finder!

Somehow, some way, this handsome pain-in-the-butt man has worked his way into my heart.

“I want you to match me with you.” 

Therefore, I am rating this short story with 4 STARS because it was a quick read that provided everything I love in romance novellas and in Lauren’s style.. even better! Lauren Blakely never fails me. Check this one out if you love her other stories!

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