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Review: ‘Checkmate Duet: Logan and Kayla’ by Kennedy Fox

5 ‘Knight in shining armor’ Stars!

I can’t believe this is the last duet in this series! It seems like yesterday that we met this amazing crew and now it’s time to say goodbye to all of them. I do have to say: well done, Kennedy Fox! Because Logan and Kayla’s duet was the perfect way to end this. Their love story was so beautiful to read, I did not want it to end.

Since I read both books together (because I don’t deal well with waiting and cliffhangers..), this review will be about the whole duet. This is Dangerous and This is Beautiful are the last two novels in the Checkmate series and they tell the love story between Logan and Kayla. Both want each other pretty badly (and Kayla states that clearly to Logan) but he is very afraid to love again. Logan likes being in control of his life and he wants to be fully dedicated to his adorable daughter but he cannot stop his feelings for Kayla.

Falling in love with Kayla Sinclair would be reckless. Allowing her to fall for me would be dangerous. 

I feel like this duet was the most emotional of the three and that’s why it just became my favorite. Logan and Kayla haven’t had the easiest life and in a way it’s still affecting them both. Their story is not an easy one, it’s not all hearts and flowers (and HOT HOT HOT sex!) and that is precisely what makes it especial. Everything that happens in This is Beautiful makes you connect even more with this amazing couple!

“Tell me what you want, Angel.”
“I want you to break me.”
“I don’t come with a warning, Angel. Maybe I should.”

“Our bodies were made for each other, Kayla. Always were. Always will be.” 

I loved the characters, I loved seeing the interaction of the other couples, I loved that cute girl Logan has and I loved the crazy chemistry between our main couple. Kayla and Logan definitely do not lack AT ALL on that. The sex is off-the-charts hot and everything gets even better with the mysteries and the feels. These two will make you laugh, swoon and cry, that’s for sure! But it’s so worth it at the end!

This feeling, this connection between us, this beautiful thing we share—it’s indescribable.
I never want to stop making love to my girl. She’s everything and more of who I could’ve imagined giving my heart to.

Therefore, I am rating Logan and Kayla’s duet with 5 STARS because, for me, it’s definitely the best creation by Kennedy Fox to date. This couple is perfect for each other! So, I will surely miss all these characters but I am sure these two ladies are bringing more goodies our way (and I can’t wait!). Highly recommend reading the Checkmate series!

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