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Review: ‘Follow’ by Tessa Bailey

5 ‘Look at me’ Stars!

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HOLY. MOTHER. OF. GOD. I am about to be very forward about this: my ovaries have disintegrated after reading this book. Boom! Exploded and disintegrated all over the place. I am not fucking joking AT ALL. This the filthiest book I’ve ever read by Tessa Bailey and that is saying something! Follow has just become my top favorite novel by this amazing author (and it’s very hard to say this when I absolutely love everything she writes..).

Follow is Tessa’s newest standalone novel and it tells the marvelous love story between Will Caruso and Teresa Valentini. Teresa’s priority has always been her family and now her only family left is her brother Nikki. And young Nikki is in BIG trouble. Of course, Teresa steps in and now (to save him) she must follow Will Caruso, meet him in person and make him follow her back to New York. Well, it’s not as easy as it seems.. Everything changes from the very first time they lay eyes on each other and they cannot stop the intense chemistry between them.

“I want to…talk to you.”
Her laughter puffs out. “Yeah, I can feel how badly you need to talk.”
“Come on now. You’ve been strutting around naked looking hotter than fuck. You’d be offended right now if my dick wasn’t hard.”

I can’t get over this book. Let me repeat that: I CANNOT GET OVER THIS FUCKING BOOK. Oh My Goodness! Get ready ladies because you must be very prepared to meet the dirty hero that is Will Caruso. Let’s just imagine (especially if you have read anything by Tessa Bailey before) what this author normally writes but taking it to the next, next, next freaking level. Will Caruso is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. He is one of the sexiest, filthiest dirty talker I have ever read. He will melt your panties right out and you will LOVE IT. And guess what? He is not only a beast in the sack, he is a fantastic man. He is so sweet with his huge adorable dog. He is strong. He is sexy as fuck. He is loving. So, as I said, he is everything. Can you tell I loved him?

If I let him physically overwhelm me, mistakes could be made.

“I’m not going to miss the next good thing that comes along. I’m not going to take the good things for granted ever again.” 

And of course, this outstanding hero is followed by an even partner: a strong, sassy and loving heroine. Teresa Valentini jumps to a very dangerous situation without even blinking. She will do anything to save her brother. Even seduce Will Caruso. She has this plan: she will make him follow her without having sex with him. HA! That is impossible after meeting Will in person. Their scenes are full of sexual tension and chemistry from the very start of the story and everything builds to the point of boiling. Your Kindles will burn with passion, that is for sure! These two together are like gasoline and fire: EXPLOSIVE.

“I might take you to fancy hotels, baby. Might walk you through those elegant lobbies and demand you be treated like a queen.” He drops forward, bending down to lick a path between my breasts, up and down. Again and again, before lifting his head. “But I will always be the man who fucks you nasty on the floor once we’re upstairs, with your thong twisted around your dripping cunt. We clear?” 

Yeah, I am sure you can tell that Teresa and Will have off-the-fucking-charts chemistry. And what is even better than that? Well, when they cannot stop but start feeling other things for each other, of course! Their mind-blowing sexual chemistry becomes so much more than they expected it to be. Even though Teresa makes it very difficult for Will (because she has trust issues), he will do anything in his power to fight for her. To keep her. And to love her. Will’s personality and the love he starts to feel for Teresa make it impossible for her not to fall in love with him. I mean, I completely understand it because he is THAT amazing 😉 And finally when things get difficult at the end, they overcome everything together and they get a beautiful ending.

“You make me crazy, too. Crazy in a way that makes me want to rearrange the earth so it’s laid out exactly the way you want it.” 

Therefore, of course, I am rating Follow with 5 STARS because, as I said, I can’t get over this masterpiece of a book. In my opinion, Tessa Bailey has far exceeded herself with this outstanding release. I loved the story, the characters and the absolutely explosive chemistry between the couple. Y’all know how much I love her dirty heroes and Will Caruso has just become my favorite! So yeah, if you enjoy good stories with complex characters and you love dirty talkers, do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK. Highly recommend it!

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