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Review: ‘Complicated’ by Kristen Ashley

5 ‘At Last’ Stars!

AAAAAND.. Kristen Ashley strikes again! I don’t know how this woman does it but she makes me fall in love with everything she writes. I’ve been waiting for this novel to release in eBook format (I know, I know it released a while ago in audiobook format but I still haven’t lost my audiobook virginity lol) and now I can say it surely was worth the wait!

Complicated is a standalone novel (for now) and it tells the love story between Hixon Drake and Greta Dare. Hixon is recently divorced, he is the sheriff and the father of three incredible children. The circumstances and the time in which he is living now make it very complicated to be in a relationship. His ex-wife is not having it either, but he and Greta cannot stop what they feel for each other. After many difficulties and even deceptions, they start a relationship that will change everything.

He knew no other way mostly because he’d have it no other way.
Until he had it another way.

This book reminds me so much of Kristen’s Burg series: it has a great storyline, a list of outstanding characters, lots of chemistry, drama and suspense. Complicated is what the title says: it is not easy for Hix and Greta to be happy together. Even though they start with what seems only sex, the connection these two have is impossible to stop. But obviously everything isn’t hearts and flowers: there are lots of complications in between.

“It’s too soon.”
“You’ve said that already.”
“I’m not in a place where I can know for sure I’d do right by you.”
“You’ve pretty much said that too.”
“But I’ve never had better.”

Both main characters are very loved by the town. But love does not come from everyone, especially not from Hope (Hixon’s ex-wife) and Greta’s fucked-up mother, and everything gets even more complicated when a murder gets in the mix. Yes, this new relationship is not easy. But is it worth it? Of course it is! Especially when these two take things seriously and they accept their feelings. Because what made Complicated even better? The whole relationship with the Drake family, obviously! Hix’s children are absolutely adorable and so beautiful (inside and out). They love seeing their father happy and all of them together gave me all the feels!

I’d finally found it.
Something worth fighting for.
And if I had to, I was going to fight for it.
Because I was falling in love with complicated.

And who also got me all melted and heart warmed? Hixon and Greta, of course! Even though they have their ups and downs, this couple is fantastic. Hixon is a strong hero, willing to fight with all that he has to find the truth and also to get what he wants: a life with Greta. Greta is also great, she hasn’t had the easiest past either but she is killing it as a singer/hairdresser, also fighting for her brother’s happiness and her own. These two are just wonderful together. And let’s not forget the chemistry! Boy, does Kristen Ashley know how to write the sexy stuff! And even better when it gets all melty with feels! Gah, this is such an amazing book!

I was going to get to swim in those eyes forever. 

Therefore, my rating for Complicated is 5 STARS because this is KA, guys! I love everything this woman writes and this book was no exception! Hixon and Greta and the whole Drake family made me melt all over with this amazing story Kristen gave us! I do hope we get more stories with these characters because I loved them and I need more!!! So yeah, I am definitely recommending this one. Check out Complicated right now, guys!

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