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Review: ‘Bad Habit’ by Charleigh Rose

5 ‘Because of you’ Stars!

I’ve known about Charleigh Rose for a while. Actually, this is not my first experience with this author’s writing. I read her first novella (Stepdaddy Savage) because a friend recommended it to me and I really enjoyed it. Well, I was even more surprised this time because I can assure you this woman knows very well how to write a full-length novel. I am hooked and I want more!

Bad Habit is the first installment in Charleigh’s new series called Bad Love. This book belongs to the “I am in love with my brother’s best friend” troupe and that definitely appealed to me when it came to the decision of reading it. I thoroughly enjoy this romance troupe! So, Bad Habit is the love story between Briar Vale and Asher Kelley. This couple had a strong connection since the very beginning, Bry is always there for Asher when he is in a bad place and Asher cannot stop the lust he feels for her. Suddenly Asher disappears from Briar’s life and he does not come back until three years later. Now he seems like he hates her but still the sparks are stronger than ever. Of course, it will be impossible for both to not act on their attraction.

“For once in my goddamn life, I’m trying to be the good guy, and you’re not making it easy.”
“I like you better when you’re bad.”

Well.. I can assure you now this will not be the last piece I read by Charleigh Rose because I just fell in love with all these characters! I am so glad this is becoming a series! So, now let’s focus on Bad Habit: it was an amazing love story to read. As I said, it has great characters, an entertaining and darkish storyline and a couple with crazy chemistry! You all know how much I love having a little bit of everything in my romance and Bad Habit did not disappoint me AT ALL! I could not stop reading so that is a great sign!

This is happening. He’s perfection, even bruised and bleeding. This beautifully damaged boy is about to give me the one part of him I’ve never had. And I’m about to give him what should’ve been his.

But, of course, what is the best part about this book? The main characters. Briar and Asher’s story is not all hearts and flowers (and sexual tension and mindblowing sex!). There is some distance between them at the start, after they reunite again, and it’s not easy to go back and revisit all the circumstances that separated them at the very beginning. Asher has not had the easiest life, he is a kick-ass hero but he is also very afraid to trust and to love. Obviously, Briar changes everything for him and that makes their connection is explosive!

I’m so full of Asher, physically, emotionally, mentally. This is pathetic. No matter how many times he burns me, I go back for more. I need him like a bad habit—one that I don’t want to kick. 

And by explosive, I mean freaking HOT. I mean, these two definitely do not lack on the chemistry department and who does not enjoy a protective cocky hero? This lady is not complaining! However, by explosive I also mean extremely emotional. Briar and Asher have to hide what they feel and that is not easy for any of them. The circumstances are not the best but everything gets better at the end and this fantastic couple gets their much deserved happily ever after!

“All I know is that my best side is your worst creation. Everything good in me is because of you.” 

Therefore, I am rating Bad Habit with 5 STARS because I really enjoyed this love story and getting to know this new characters that Charleigh Rose is presenting in her Bad Loveseries. Briar and Asher are an outstanding couple and I loved every moment of them together. Please, give me all the other characters stories right now because I can’t wait! Highly recommend reading Bad Habit!

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