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Review: ‘All I Want’ by J. Daniels

4.5 ‘Do you love me today?’ Stars!

I am addicted to J. Daniels! My obsession started with her Sweet Addiction series (SO good!) and it continued when I met the Alabama Summer characters. I really enjoyed the first book but I do have to say: Luke and Tessa have stolen my heart completely with this angsty love story. I am in love with the relationship these two have!

So, All I Want is the second installment in the Alabama Summer series and it’s now time for a second chance romance (and you all know how much I love them!). So Tessa (Ben’s sister and Mia’s BFF) and Luke (Ben’s BFF and work colleague) broke up their “relationship” because Luke seems to not be able to fully embrace what he feels for her. After a pregnancy scare, Tessa wants to move on but it’s not that easy. Pretending to hate each other does not work for any of them, the emotions are running high and their chemistry cannot be stopped!

It’s possible to hate someone, to look at them and wish you weren’t aware of their every move, and to want them more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. 

I love emotional stories, man! I love a couple that cannot contain the attraction they have towards each other. I love the angst and the my-eyes-are-so-teary-from-crying moments. Tessa and Luke gave me all of that and I absolutely loved it. J. Daniels’ writing and characters are just outstanding. This woman knows how to write a brilliant love story, that is for sure!

What she gives me? There’s not a damn word invented yet to sum that experience up.

“I can still fucking taste you, Tessa, and I want more of that before I do anything else. When you open this door—not if—the first thing that’s going to be sliding into you will be my tongue. Then my fingers. Then my cock. In that order.” 

And, of course, she also kills it when it comes to the chemistry department. Luke and Tessa do not lack on those sexy moments, that is for sure! The sexual tension and the angsty feels are all over this novel. As I said, emotions run high in here and when this mixes with a dirty talker and a sassy woman, the chemistry becomes explosive! I love a couple that can make me laugh, cry, swoon and melt all over and these two did everything for me. I am so happy they get their happily ever after!

“Tessa, you’re the only thing that keeps me still.” 

Therefore, I am rating All I Want with 4.5 STARS because J. Daniels is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me and I totally get why all my book friends love this series that much. The writing, the characters, the story and the sentiments are outstanding and beautiful. This couple was so great and I can’t wait to read the next story! Highly recommend reading this one!

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