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ARC Review: ‘Over Us, Over You’ by Whitney G.

3 ‘My Chum’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

If you have been a fan of Whitney G. for a while and you read her Mid-Life Love series, you’ve been waiting for this book since forever! Whitney has been teasing us about Hayley and Corey for what feels the longest time and now, FINALLY, it’s in my hands.

Over Us, Over You can be considered a standalone novel but I highly recommend reading the Mid-Life Love series before because many of its characters (especially Jonathan, yay!) make an appearance. So, this belongs to two of my beloved troupes: friends-to-lovers romance and I-love-my-brother’s-best-friend troupe too. Now, as I said, the book is about Hayley Statham and Corey Waters, two people who became best friends when they were young, bonded and had a very strong connection that even distance couldn’t break. Now they meet again and, of course, their chemistry cannot be stopped (not only as friends but also as lovers).

“I still remember when you used to call.”
“I still remember when you used to answer.”

I had crazy high expectations for this. I loved Jonathan and Claire’s love story so much and I expected the same from Hayley and Corey. Well, I have to say that while I surely liked the story and it reached some of my expectations, this is not my favorite book by Whitney. Yes the chemistry bewteen Hayley and Corey was great and explosive (as with all the other books by Whitney) but I had a hard time connecting with them somtimes.

“I think we both know that at this point, there’s no reason for us to attempt to be just friends.” 

Whitney G’s couples always have this especial chemistry that I love. And as I said, Hayley and Corey definitely do not lack on that department. Also, I really enjoyed seeing how their friendship developed at the beginning and how it becomes this love story. However, I felt like the characters were a bit immature sometimes (especially Hayley) and also their love relationship was a bit rushed to me. Still, overall I found Over Us, Over You an entertaining and sexy read and it was great to catch up with all these characters from the Mid-Life Loveseries!

“I always wanted my first to be you.” 

Therefore, I am rating Over Us, Over You with 3 STARS because it was great to connect again with all the characters again and to finally read how Hayley and Corey fall in love. Yeah, I expected more from these characters but overall I enjoyed their journey as friends and as couple. Of course that does not change the exciment I always have to see what Whitney is coming with next time!

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