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Review: ‘Villain’ by Samantha Young

4.5 ‘Our extraordinary’ Stars!

It has been a while since my last book by Samantha Young. Actually it was the novel where we meet the main couple of this novella: Hero. Since some time has past since then, I decided to re-read Hero first (which I really enjoyed!) and then start reading this. After that, I remembered Henry and Nadia (and how they “meet”) much better and I can now say their love story was really good!

So, as I said, Villain is a spin-off short story of Smantha’s standone Hero and it tells the love story between Henry Lexington and Nadia Ray. It starts with a premise of an enemies to lovers but these two instantly feel the connection between them. Yes, I do have to say their firsts meetings are not the best in terms of building a romance between them but after they get past it (especially Nadia), the chemistry between these two is unstoppable and that means feelings get involved in the mix and everything changes.

“No. We don’t need to have lunch or go to a ball together.”
“No lunch dates, no date to the ball, no penis for you. And you don’t want miss out on my penis. It’s a good one.”

He could be the hero and the villain. Which one of those was the permanent resident and the other the visitor, I didn’t know. 

I love a good novella. I love seeing how an author manages to bring everything in such a short format and Samantha Young did not disappoint with Villain. I really enjoyed seeing all these characters again. I loved seeing this couple first as enemies and how it all develops to a beautiful love story. The chemistry between Henry and Nadia is extremely hot and pretty emotional towards the end. Henry seems like an a-hole at the start but he will melt your insides when he declares what he feels and how much he needs Nadia in his life. Nadia is also one hell of a strong heroine and I loved it. These two together were amazing and I am so glad they found their happy ending!

“I can’t imagine feeling like this with anyone else.” 

Therefore, I am rating Villain with 4.5 STARS because it was a sexy, romantic and emotional novella that had outstanding characters and a couple with lots of chemistry! I love Samantha’s writing and since it’s been a while since my last book by hers, I am now really excited to read more! Highly recommend reading this quick but fantastic novella!

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