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Review: ‘Team Player: A Sports Romance Anthology’

4.5 ‘I love all the players’ Stars!

Holy moly, this is one hell of a sports romance anthology! I have wanted to read this since it released last December. First, I wanted to read it because of Kate Stewart (duh! you all know how much I love her!), and second also because it has stories by authors I have read before (and enjoyed!) and authors I’ve been wanting to read their work for a while. It was the perfect occasion to start and check if I liked them. And boy, did I love this whole reading journey. Yes, I read the whole anthology and I can say now that it is so worth it!

Team Player is a sports romance anthology and obviously its main focus is sexy players and the women who change their lives forever. I feel like there is a story for everyone in this collection: you’ll find very light and sexy stories, but you will also find emotional and gripping ones too. And I can assure you, every single one of these pieces of writing has something especial to it. Of course, I do have my favorites, but I can state that I really enjoyed the whole experience with this collection.

SIN BIN by Mandi Beck – 3.5 Stars!
It was sexy and cute. Instant lust and pregnancy involved. I had a hard time connecting with the couple at the start but I quite enjoyed it! A bit of a sudden ending.

OUT OF FORMATION by Ella Fox – 4 stars!
A mix of “I’ve loved you forever” and age-gap couple that I definitely liked! The characters are pretty good and the emotional and sexy story between them drew me in. Good ending too!

YARD SALE by Charleigh Rose – 4.5 stars!
If you have read Charleigh’s last (and amazing!) creation called Bad Habit, then you’ll remember the characters in this story! Instant connection between the couple, sexy and very cute ending!

SLAPPED INTO LOVE by Rochelle Paige – 4 stars!
Great storyline, second chance vibe to it and I really enjoyed the relationship between the main characters. Also, I am very curious about the other characters and their stories!

BACK IN THE GAME by Meghan Quinn – 4 stars!
Who does not love a hot single dad? This story was super funny and extremely adorable! Loved the relationship between the daddy and his daughter and the story was pretty sexy too!

SWEEPING THE SERIES by Kate Stewart – 5+ stars!
I mean.. I decided to read this anthology just because of this woman so, as you can imagine, this story was one of my absolute favorites! It was everything: a well developed story, with depth, complex and lovable characters (loved catching up with my beloved characters from the Balls in Play series!), fantastic writing (of course!) and lots of chemistry and emotion! Loved, loved, loved the ending!

FULL COURT PRESS by Kennedy Ryan – 5 stars!
This was such a beautiful surprise for me. It was my first taste of Kennedy Ryan’s writing and I absolutely loved it! This story was so sad and so emotional, guys. It was profound but also still amazing and sexy. I kind of missed having an epilogue but I want more! I am reading more from this woman from now on!

SWITCH HITTER by Sara Ney – 4 stars!
Here we had a “twin-situation” love story. Also my first by Sara Ney, I have to say I found this story light and adorable! Loved having a Spanish hero and seeing him seducing the heroine. A bit of a rushed ending though!

ONE GOOD MAN by Emma Scott – 5 stars!
Definitely the most emotional and “dramatic” story in the whole anthology. Now I totally get why people love Emma’s stories so much! This story gripped me from the start, I loved the couple and seeing them fight for what they wanted. Loved the French theme to it and that ending!

THE END ZONE by L.J. Shen – 5+ stars!
Yes, I rated two stories with my special 6 star rating. L.J. Shen was my other surprise in this collection. I definitely had high expectations because I know many of my friends love her stories and I completely understand why now! My first by this author but surely not the last. A fantastic friends-to-lovers story, with awesome writing and characters. Loved the building of the relationship and all those emotions. Amazing ending!

CROSS by Adriana Locke – 4.5 stars!
An introduction to Adriana’s new series and it was wonderful! I loved seeing the “second-chance” theme and reading how this couple reconnected. Fantastic chemistry and a great list of new characters. Really enjoyed this story but I would have loved a longer epilogue!

So, my overall rating for Team Player is 4.5 STARS because it surely is one of the best anthologies I have ever read. The stories had a mix of everything that I love in a good romance and I do have to say that Kate Stewart’s story was my absolute favorite and that I fell in love with three new-to-me authors: Emma Scott, Kennedy Ryan and L.J. Shen! I can’t wait to read more of their creations because I adored the stories they wrote in this collection. Team Player is an must read for sport romance lovers, highly recommend it!

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