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Review: ‘Sex, not Love’ by Vi Keeland

4.5 ‘Full of Hunter’ Stars!

My excitement for Vi Keeland’s releases is always over the top. I find her stories have a very especial way to grab me because they have a little bit of everything in them. So, of course, I was excited about Sex, Not Love. Vi’s creations always sound so good to me and it’s very difficult for me not to love everything this woman writes. She is an absolute auto-buy author to me and I am glad to say she did not disappoint with this release.

Sex, Not Love is Vi’s newest standalone novel and it all starts with the instant connection between two people who seem to be opposites. Hunter and Natalia meet in their respective best friends weeding and it’s impossible not to notice the chemistry between them since their very first meeting. They have an “unforgettable” night, an oh-so-hot kiss and they do not meet again until a year later (because Natalia decided to give a wrong number to Hunter). Of course, that strong link between them is still there, and even though they are not emotionally ready for a relationship, their feelings make it extremely difficult for them not to fall in love.

“You’re not going anywhere before you do two things.”
“Two things?”
“Leave your number and kiss me goodbye.”

Again, Vi delivered another fantastic couple for us to love. I love her cocky heroes and sassy heroines. I love the sexual tension. I love surprises and lots of emotions in between. You’ll get all of that with this book! With Keeland’s especial touches, Sex, Not Love definitely is a great addition to her creations. I love her imperfect characters and how she is able to create couples that connect so well. Hunter and Natalia have good lives now, but their pasts are still very much present. It’s difficult for both of them to trust each other and also to accept their love towards one another. But, that chemistry is relentless!

“I prefer to live my life looking forward, not backward. You look in the rearview mirror too often, sometimes you miss what’s right in front of you.”

“I believe sex without going down on a woman first is bad manners.”

I am pretty sure I don’t have to say this (because I’ve said it SO MANY freaking times!) but this woman knows how to write sexual tension and sex scenes like no other! Hunter is such a seductive hero and he absolutely knows how to use that mouth! (And everything else too!). Natalia is not able to fight against their chemistry either and when they finally get together, things get extremely hawt! And what is even better.. when emotions start to appear, of course! The mix of the connection between these two, the adorable moments with Natalia’s stepdaughter, the hilarious and heartwarming scenes with their best friends and families: all these aspects blended perfectly well and that ending will melt your heart with happiness!

I wanted to live, and I wanted to live for and with this woman. 

Therefore, my rating for Sex, Not Love is 4.5 STARS because it was a great love story to read, with a couple so sweet and who has lots of sexy chemistry and it gave me all the feels too! Vi never fails to surprise me so I can’t wait to see what is next for her (and us!). So, if you have enjoyed her books in the past, do not miss reading this novel, I totally recommend it!

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