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Review: ‘After All’ by Karina Halle

4 ‘Real or fake’ Stars!

Of course, another winner by Karina Halle! I just decided to re-read Before I Ever Met You (because I loved it so much!) and then I remembered Karina actually wrote another story about characters we met in that book. I was pretty excited after my re-read session and I have to say, even though Will and Jackie are still my favorite, Emmett and Alyssa are such a good couple too!

After All is a standalone love story, but it can be considered a spin-off and I do highly recommend reading it after Before I Ever Met You. Still, of course, it can be 100% enjoyed as a standalone. This novel focuses on the story between the famous actor and playboy Emmett Hill and the woman that turns his world upside down, the wonderful office manager Alyssa Martin. These two seem to hate each other but I can only say their hawt “one-night-stand” turns into a beautiful messy love story!

“I’m not a fan of yours. Believe me.”
“You say that,” he says, lowering his mouth to my ear. He whispers. “But I bet if you give me two minutes, I can change your mind.”

You all know by now how much I love Karina Halle’s contemporary love stories. I love her writing style, I love how she develops the storyline, I love the depth of her characters and I love the amazing chemistry they have. Alyssa and Emmett were no exception to that. Their first night is extremely passionate and that progresses and it becomes a fantastic love story. I love when those Hollywood men find their perfect match! And boy, Alyssa definitely is Emmett’s match.

I love a gentleman as much as the next girl, but damn it, Emmett sure has a knack for making me appreciate a scoundrel.

He’s in my veins, in my system, slowly working his way to my heart.

These two together are explosive and oh-so-good! I love how everything starts as a “fake relationship” but how this couple cannot stop but start feeling other sentiments for one another. I love how Alyssa and Emmett grow as a couple and how their pasts and difficult experiences turn their “hate” into a loving and simply amazing relationship. Also, it was great catching up with all the other characters too. I loved how they interact with the main couple and how finally everyone gets their happy ever after. They surely deserve it!

We found our dream together.

Therefore, I am rating After All with 4 STARS because I really enjoyed how Emmett and Alyssa’s relationship builds and the amazingly hot chemistry they have. Karina never disappoints when it comes to the sexy times, that is for sure! It was great to revisit all these characters and read this stunning love story. As always, I am excited to see what is next! So, especially if you enjoy Karina’s contemporary romances, be sure to check this one out!

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