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Review: ‘Gentleman Nine’ by Penelope Ward

4.5 ‘Love & hiccups’ Stars!

I believe I just finished one of my favorite books written by Penelope Ward, guys. I have enjoyed her stories in the past but I feel like Gentleman Nine was even more enjoyable than others. I love the emotion Penelope puts in her stories as well as the chemistry between the couple and the twists that are not expected. She did not disappoint me at all with this fantastic novel!

Gentleman Nine is Penelope’s newest standalone novel and it’s a wonderful friends to lovers romance. It tells the story of two boys loving the same girl but only one of them becomes her lover. Or that is what we know at the beginning! Actually Amber (our heroine) just got her heart broken and what a coincidence that her other best friend, Channing, is looking for a place to stay for a few months. But this guy has a secret: Channing made a pact with Rory (when they both discovered they loved Amber) that they would never confess that love. Of course, everything changed when Rory broke that promise and now Channing is ready to act on his feelings for Amber. Especially when he discovers that Amber pretends to have a one-night-stand with an escort called Gentleman Nine. Then, Channing decides to become that gentleman!

“What do you get out of this?”
“I get to be with the girl I’ve fantasized about since I was sixteen.”

I always get more than what I would expect when it comes to Penelope Ward. She always manages to surprise me with her heartfelt stories and those freaking twists! Gentleman Nine is no exception to that. It was beautifully written, it’s so original, it has a fabulous couple with lots of chemistry and all the feels! But leaving that aside for a moment, it was also pretty funny and adorable especially with all those moments between Amber and Channing. This couple stole my heart with their friendship and even more with their love story. I am a sucker for the “I’ve loved you forever” kind of romance.

Sometimes what was unsaid could be so much louder than actual words. I knew we were both coming to the realization that we were kidding ourselves with this arrangement. But I wasn’t willing to stop it. I couldn’t. 

Also, did not I mention this book is emotional AF? My God, I think I never cried this much with one of Penelope’s books. Gentleman Nine has a love triangle feel to it and you all know I normally do not enjoy that! However, it was so well developed and so genuine I could not fall in love with these characters. My heart broke in pieces for these outstanding characters, especially towards the end, when things get extremely difficult for the three of them. Still, I was so glad to see everyone gets their happy ending because they surely deserve it!

Sometimes love entails taking the biggest risk. 

Therefore, I am rating Gentleman Nine with 4.5 STARS because this love story and its characters have stolen my heart. I love the originality of the theme, I love how Penelope developed the story and the emotions she brought with it and, of course, I loved Amber and Channing as friends and as a couple. Their story completely sucked me in and I could not stop reading! I am so excited for what is coming next (a duet with Vi Keeland is coming!!!) and I definitely recommend reading this one if you are a fan of Ward’s writing!

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