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Review: ‘Sweet Little Lies’ by Jill Shalvis

5 ‘My fun whisperer’ Stars!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!! I am so addicted to this series already! I don’t know why I waited this much to read it. Thank God I decided to start when I saw the announcement of the movie adaptation of the second book on Passion Flix (The Trouble with Mistletoe). And yes, I started with the second book and now I also have fallen in love with the first one because Pru and Finn are such a dreamy couple! I am in love and I want moreeeee!!

So, Sweet Little Lies is the first installment in the Heartbreaker Bay series and it’s the love story between Pru (a woman decided to make amends with the past) and Finn (the responsible older brother that needs some fun in his life). Pru is a new comer and ever since she first saw Finn, she has felt the magnetic connection between them. It’s not so easy for them to act on it because Pru is hiding some pretty heavy stuff from him and also because Finn is decided that love is not in his horizon at the moment. Of course, sparks cannot be stopped and then this sweet love story begins!

Once upon a time, he’d indeed been wild and adventurous. And she knew exactly what had changed him. The question was, could she really help bring some of that back to him, something she wanted, needed, to do with all her heart. 

Jill Shalvis is quickly making me a huge fan of her writing. I feel like I will feel the same devotion I feel for Lauren Layne’s stories. I love those ligher, oh-so-sweet (and sexy!) reads and Jill delivers, with her own fantastic touches, just as good as Lauren for me. Her stories make me feel good. They make me swoon and melt all over the place. And Sweet Little Lies did not fail me. I loved reading more about this amazing crew of characters and I loved this couple, SO MUCH. They were so funny, sexy and heartwarming. The building of Pru and Finn’s relationship is slow burning and I love that!

He wanted to claim her, wanted to leave his mark on her. On the inside. On her heart and in her soul. 

The chemistrry between Finn and Pru is palpable from their very first scene together. It’s clear they are very attracted to each other and even though Pru fights it (she has many reasons to, apparently), the evolving of their relationship is an unstoppable force. Pru is such a humble heroine. Because of her past experiences and having a pure heart, she is the woman she is now and Finn is definitely into it. Finn is also a great hero. He is a good man, a good brother, a good friend and a good lover. Once he decides his connection with Pru is inevitable, he fights to get her. And he does! I loved these two as a couple, especially when it got extremely emotional towards the end. I loved how everything ends and their heartfelt happy ending.

“Pru, don’t you get it yet? I’m yours until the end of time.” 

Therefore, I am rating Sweet Little Lies with 5 STARS because it was the best way to start this amazing series. I’ve fallen in love all over again with the crew in Heartbreaker Bay and, of course this time, with the brilliant couple featured in this book. Pru and Finn have a beautiful relationship, sweet and sexy and it was everything! I surely cannot wait to read all the other stories (I am so excited about Elle and Archer!!!) and to also check other series by the wonderful Jill Shalvis. So, if you are a fan of light contemporary romance, I highly suggest you start Reading this novel right now!

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