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Review: ‘By the Hour’ by Roni Loren

5 ‘L + E’ Stars!

Let me take a minute to recover after that amazing read that I just finished! Holy mother, do I love Roni Loren’s Pleasure Principle series! I was definitely hooked after reading the first installment but By the Hour just blew my mind. I love Roni’s writing, I loved the enemies to lovers theme of the story, I loved these characters and this smoking hot couple. I loved getting more than I expected because Elle and Lane are surely more than you would expect after reading that “hate to love” blurb. Gah, I am in love!

So, By the Hour is the second novel in the Pleasure Principle series and, if you have read the first book, you know where it is focused: a sex therapy center. Well, imagine a therapist known as The Ice Queen falling in lust (and love!) with the sex surrogate in the building. You would imagine there is no way for them to become more than a hate fuck, right? Well, you are very wrong because Elle and Lane hide many layers of secrets from each other and as time advances and they start really knowing each other, it’s impossible for those sparks not to turn into love!

He didn’t require submission. Or trips to the kink club. Or even blow jobs—though, those were always nice. No, what he was going to require would terrify her more than any of that.
She was going to have to let him in.

Roni Loren surely knows how to write one hell of an explosive love story! I really enjoyed Off the Clock, the first book in this series, but By the Hour has totally bewitched me. This author’s writing is absolutely fantastic, the story developed fluently and I loved seeing these two apparently opposite characters unable to fight against their chemistry. It all starts with a mind-blowing hate fuck but that connection after is impossible to stop! As the story progresses and this couple starts showing their true selves to each other, you’ll melt all over the place. Not only because their oh-so-HAWT sex scenes but also because of the emotions that start growing between Lane and Elle.

“I can see that, you know?” he said, keeping his voice steady. “Where this could go. Our future. Sharing a bed. Maybe a house one day. Kissing you good-bye each morning and looking forward to seeing you each night. I’d be a damn lucky guy. I never considered how much I wanted that kind of life until I met you. You make me want things I thought I could never have.” 

I love erotic romance. I consider it, together with contemporary romance, my absolute favorite genre. And Roni Loren delivered a fantastic piece of erotica with this novel. As I said, not only the sexual tension and the actual sex are off-the-charts but also because Roni built an outstanding relationship between this couple. It’s beautiful to see them opening their hearts, finally leaving all the obstacles aside and starting an amazing relationship. I loved these two together and I wish we could have more because I don’t want to say goodbye to them. Still it’s easier to do it because I am so happy they are living their much deserved happily ever after!

“I love you, doc. I don’t need your money, but I sure as hell need you.” 

Therefore, I am rating By the Hour with 5 STARS because this enemies to lovers story completely bewitched me. Lane and Elle are such a wonderful couple and I am sure you’ll love reading their explosive and emotional love story. Believe me, all the emotions are completely worth it. You’ll melt with these two and their beautiful connection! I do hope to read more books by Roni Loren because this series worked 100% for me. Highly recommend reading this one!

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