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ARC Review: ‘On Hart’s Boardwalk’ by Samantha Young

4.5 ‘We’ve still got it’ Stars!

ARC kindly provided by the the publisher.

Samantha Young’s Dublin Street series is one of my absolute favorite series of all time. Imagine my excitement when she announced she was writing a novella about the outstanding couple she created in Before Jamaica Lane, Olivia and Nate Sawyer. And double my excitement when I received the ARC! This baby releases in 2 days and let me tell you, it’s so worth it. Fantastic couple, adorable family, lots of chemistry and awesome secondary characters: it’s the perfect combination for a great novella!

So, On Hart’s Boardwalk is considered part of the Dublin Streetseries (for obvious reasons) but it’s also part of another of Young’s series called Hart’s Boardwalk (since the story is featured in that universe and with its characters too). As I said, this crossover novella focuses on Nate and Liv and their life together after 10 years of marriage. These two love each other immensely, they have two beautiful daughters, and everything seems perfect from the outside. Well, that is not true at the moment. Liv is worried she is losing her connection with Nate. Yes, they love each other but their relationship is not as passionate as it once was. When Nate realizes what is going through Liv’s mind, he does not hesitate to show his wife how passionately he loves her. He plans what will be an unforgettable vacation.

“I’ll never stop fighting for you, Liv. Love of my fucking life.” He swiped away my tears. “We’ll make this right.” 

God, I missed these characters! I was so glad to have a little bit more to enjoy them because the Dublin Street crew has a special place in my heart. I loved seeing them all together all over again and I loved reading how Nate and Liv rekindle their relationship. Liv broke my heart at the start of this novella and I fell in love with Nate again because he does not hesitate to fix things between them. He can’t live without his soulmate and he is more than ready to show it to her. And trust me, you don’t want to miss a single word!

“I’m going to make it up to you. By the end of this vacation you’ll never doubt my love for you again.” 

After fourteen years together, you would imagine the passion is not the same. Right? Well, you are very wrong, my friend! Certainly, Liv and Nate are the same couple we met in Before Jamaica Lane. They burned my Kindle with all that sexual tension and the steamy scenes between them. Holy moly, Nate is hawt for his wife and she loves it! And you know what makes On Hart’s Boardwalk even better? All those emotions. Gah, my poor heart! I was crying my heart out because these two seriously cannot love each other more. They are the perfect couple and they deserved having another happy ending.

“I can’t lose you, babe. You’d take my soul with you.” 

Therefore, I am rating On Hart’s Boardwalk with 4.5 STARS because it was great to catch up with all these characters (so happy to have seen the Dublin Street crew all over again!) and to meet new ones too! I loved reading how Liv and Nate rekindle their passionate relationship and how amazing they are as parents of those two adorable daughters! If you have read their story, you definitely don’t want to miss reading this novella. I highly recommend it!

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