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Review: ‘After We Fall’ by Melanie Harlow

5 ‘Alive again’ Stars!

What the heck is wrong with me? I don’t know why I waited this much to read this brilliant love story! I am falling in love with Melanie Harlow’s writing, that is for sure. Actually, this is not my first book by hers: I really enjoyed Man Candy (the first installment in this series of standalones) and now I can say I absolutely loved After We Fall. At the start, Margot says Jack Valentini is not her type (you can imagine that will change..) but he certainly is mine! Who wants a rich snob when you can have a sexy tortured cowboy?

So, After We Fall is the second book in the After We Fall series and if you have read Man Candy, you already know the sassy heroine in this novel: Margot Thurber Lewiston. Who you don’t know is the man that will make her believe in true love: Jack Valentini. So, Margot has a PR agency and her new clients are the Valentini brothers. They want to innovate their farm to make more profits and Jack is not having it. He does not want a sassy and rich city girl to turn his life upside down. He has a lot on his plate already with what he lived in the Army and the loss of his young wife. However, chemistry and feelings cannot be stopped between these two and that is what created this beautiful love story.

I didn’t deserve the love and sympathy of my family. And I certainly didn’t deserve to give in to my desire for another woman.
No matter how much I wanted to.

Melanie Harlow is slowly but surely getting her way with me because I am falling in love with her writing and the couples she creates. Man Candy was very good but After We Fall is absolutely amazing. You want emotions running high and a couple that will make you son and melt all over? This is your choice, then. Margot and Jack do not start in a good place, it seems they don’t like each other that much but there is also lots of sparks between them and a palpable sexual tension. It is obvious after continuing to read their off-the-charts chemistry will be unstoppable! And boy, get ready because the passion between these two will make you sweat.

“Careful, city girl. I’ll want to keep you.” 

And what is even better than having those oh-so-hot moments? Having those OMG-the-feels moments, of course! Jack is a tortured man. He still has nightmares about what he saw in the Army and he feels very guilty about the death of his late wife. He does not expect what Margot makes him feel and that also makes him push her away sometimes. Those moments broke my heart for these two because it is so obvious that they are starting to love each other. They do suffer quite a lot but let me tell you one thing: it is completely worth it at the end. Gah, I was so thrilled to see Jack and Margot back together and happy, They definitely deserve it!

“I’m not looking for my first love. I’m looking for my last.” 

Therefore, I am rating After We Fall with 5 STARS because it surely was a beautiful peace of writing that had everything I enjoy in a good romance: profound characters, lots of chemistry and lots of emotions. Jack and Margot complement each other really well and I cannot foget to mention again that amazing connection they have! After reading this book, I am definitely excited to read Claire’s story and I hope I can read it very soon. So, if you are a fan of Melanie Harlow or you enjoy heartfelt and passionate romances, be sure to check this one out!

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