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Review: ‘Sinner’ by Sierra Simone

5 ‘Honest guy thing’ Stars!

Holy Mother of God. Perfect words after experiencing this book, am I right? I thought I really enjoyed Priest when it released but oh man.. Sinner is even better! I do have to say Tyler Bell was a good hero but you are not ready for Sean Bell, ladies. He will melt your panties and you’ll love him so much after reading this wonderful piece of writing. Not only because he is a sexy beast but also because he will surprise you when you see how much he cares for the people in his life. Now let’s talk about this book first!

So, Sinner can be read as a standalone novel but I highly recommend you read Priest too because Father Bell is definitely worth it! Now, as with the first book, Sinner is a forbidden romance. There is a big age gap between the main characters and there is a taboo theme: a “sinner” falling in love with a soon-to-be nun. Sean Bell is a rich playboy. He loves fucking and he does not feel what he felt before regarding God (especially after losing his sister and the current situation with his mother). Zenny is very much his opposite on that. However, she wants to experience sex before becoming a bride to God. And she only wants Sean. Well, get ready because the story between this two will be one hell of a ride!

I’m nothing but a beast, a man possessed with the need to fuck. 

This is my new favorite book by Sierra Simone. There, I’ve said it. I loved Sean a lot more than I loved Tyler. Sean Bell hides a wonderful man behind those layers of sexy playboy. He cares a lot about his family and it’s impossible for him not to care about Zenny too. He starts only wanting to teach her the way of sex but, obviously, it becomes so much more. This forbidden relationship is full of depth and emotion. Sean is not only a man who wants to fuck his best friend’s little sister, Sean is a man with a mission: taking care of everything that happens around him. And you’ll absolutely adore him for it!

“You’re mine to treasure, sweetheart, and I want to savor each and every part of you as you flower open.”

“I want to build a tower around you, and then build a castle around that tower, and then dig a moat around that castle, and then I want to guard you like a dragon. Burn anyone who tries to hurt you into ash and then scorch those ashes a second time.” 

Of course, we cannot forget Sierra’s way with words. My God.. this book is extremely hot and even a little bit kinky sometimes! This woman knows how to write a dirty talker and she definitely knows writing all those tension-filled and super sexy scenes. The chemistry between Sean and Zenny is palpable from the very beginning and it gets even better when feelings start getting in the way. Sean becomes a man devoted to his love for Zenny and gah, I loved him so much! The only thing that kind of pissed me off was Zenny’s reaction to Sean’s love for her. I get her situation, I totally do but it is so clear that she loves him too. Still, leaving that aside and especially after that wonderful ending, I cannot complain! I am so happy they found each other.

She’s the only one my heart will ever hold inside itself, for as long as I’m alive. 

Therefore, my rating for Sinner is 5 STARS because it is a brilliant piece of writing. I loved the complexion these characters have, the hot chemistry between them, their connection and their whole love story. Let me tell you, you cannot miss reading this book if you are a fan of Sierra’s or if you enjoy taboo relationships in romance! And I do hope Sierra starts writing more books about the Bell’s because I am definitely curious about them. Highly recommend reading this one!

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