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ARC Review: ‘Getaway Girl’ by Tessa Bailey

5 ‘Elijah’s Girl’ Stars!

ARC provided via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Gah, this book! Gah, these characters! Gah, this couple! I am obsessed. Obsessed with Tessa Bailey’s writing and the outstanding characters she creates. Elijah and Addison are purely magic together. Getaway Girl was a swoon fest: it was adorably sweet, it was sexy as heck and it was absolutely beautiful. What an amazing read! I can’t stop smiling, I loved this novel soooooooooo much!

So, Getaway Girl is Tessa Bailey’s newest standalone novel. Our main characters, Elijah and Addison meet in the most curious circumstances: Elijah has just been left at the altar by Addison’s cousin. Addison is not a guest but she has returned to Charleston after her grandmother’s death to take over her business. Addison saves Elijah from the pity looks and takes him over to her house. That is the start of an amazing friendship and also of the sparks between these two (even though they try to hide it!). Elijah Du Pont is about to become the new mayor, he is famous for his juicy backside and he adores spending time with his Goose (aka Addison). Of course, it’s not everything about their friendship. This couple has a very strong connection and that chemistry cannot be stopped. Imagine how good it gets when that beautiful friendship is mixed with off-the-charts sex!

This friendship is untouched by the chaos of my life. It’s separate and preserved, it makes me happy—and I’m not going to mess with it. 

Again, Tessa Bailey kills it with this sweet and sexy friends to lovers romance. Trust me, you don’t want to miss reading this amazing piece of writing! I don’t know how this woman does it but she clicks with everything that I love about contemporary romance novels: outstanding characters, deep connections and a chemistry that blew my mind (and my panties because HOT DAMN). I love novels that start with the main couple being best friends. Addison and Elijah have this super sweet friendship that made me melt all over the place. They care deeply for each other and that is why they are extremely scared to act on the other things they feel for each other: attraction and, of course, love.

“I just realized you always untuck your dress shirt before walking in my front door. Have you been hiding a GIF-worthy ass from me, Elijah Montgomery Du Pont?”
“Addison Potts, this conversation is indecent.”

“I’m losing my mind, Addison.” I wrap her hair around my fists and lift her head away from my lap. “This is what it’s like to have a man obsessed with you. Do you like it?” 

But when they finally do it and start acting on it.. MY GOD. Let’s just say Elijah’s famous backside is not the only thing that is juicy here (and that cute butt is VERY juicy!). Addison takes care of repeting that to Elijah constantly. Their banter is absolutely fantastic and when they take it to the next level.. man, these two are so dirty. I love Tessa’s dirty talkers (you all know that by now!) and what is even better about Getaway Girl? Well, Elijah is hot AF and he actually is very expressive with Addison when they start having sex but the dirty one here is Addison herself and I loved her for it! I love a sassy strong heroine and Addison was amazing. I loved the development of this relationship. I loved the friendship, the sex and the emotions (especially towards the end). I was so happy to seeing this couple get their much deserved happy ending. Gah, I just loved everything!

Love isn’t duty and tradition and consistency. It’s wild and unquenchable and inconvenient. It’s messy and raw. It’s what I feel for Addison. I love Addison. 

Therefore, my rating for Getaway Girl is 5 STARS because it was the perfect friends to lovers romance for me. It had everything: an exceptional couple, lots of banter and sweet moments, friendship, off-the charts sex and dirty talking and lots of emotions. Addison and Elijah are one of my new favorite couples by Tessa Bailey and you’ll understand why when you read this amazing standalone novel! Trust me, if you love this author’s writing or you want to read a fantastic friends to lovers romance, be sure to read this one. I highly recommend it!

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