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Review: ‘Accidentally on Purpose’ by Jill Shalvis

4.5 ‘Loving the real you’ Stars!

I am sure many of you, at this point, already know that I am becoming addicted to Jill Shalvis. Her Heartbreaker Bay series fascinates me and I was extremely excited to finally read this story. Jill had been teasing us about Elle and Archer’s chemistry since the very start of the series and I can now assure you their story was fantastic! These two are more than meets the eye and I was so surprised of the many things we did not know about them.

So, Accidentally on Purpose is the third installment in the Heartbreaker Bay series and, as I said, it tells the highly anticipated love story between Elle Wheaten and Archer Hunt. These two.. they seem to kind of hate each other. Or is it all pretend? Archer is a serious man, a man dedicated to his job and a man who has been very protective of Elle since the very beginning. Their first meeting is something that still is very much alive in their lives, especially since it’s the start of the development of the weird chemistry between them. Elle is a woman with a difficult past, a woman with priorities and she also cannot stop what she feels for Archer. Will they act on it? Will it be mind-blowing and surprisingly sweet? Heck yes!

He could no more curb his insane need to keep her protected and safe than he could stop breathing. It’d always been like that for him with her. 

Gah, I am in love with these two! I definitely did not expect all that we discovered about this couple. Archer feels extremely protective of Elle. He is always looking for her, always thinking about her. And not only in a “friendly” way.. The same happens for Elle, she feels their connection. She is ready to leave it aside since Archer finds it difficult to express his feelings. However, that protectiveness and that chemistry? It becomes unstoppable and simply out-of-this-world amazing.

“I want you, Elle,” he said, voice low and rough. “It’s a goddamn ache, I want you so much. Just like this, dripping wet in every way, blind with need.” 

The development of this love story was brilliant. I loved the back and forth between Archer and Elle, I loved seeing them vulnerable and protective of each other. I loved when they start acting on what they feel. And, OH MY GOD, these two are hawt hawt hawt! All that hotness mixed with uncontrollable feelings? I melted all over the place! I love a good swoon fest and Accidentally on Purpose surely gave me that (and so much more!). I am so happy for Elle and Archer, I loved them together and I wish we had even more moments of these two as a couple because they stole my heart with their love story!

“Whatever you want as long as we do it together.”
“But we irritate each other.”
“Yes,” he said, “but I’ve discovered that I want to spend every irritated moment with you.”

Therefore, I am rating Accidentally on Purpose with 4.5 STARS because I definitely got what I wished Elle and Archer’s love story would be. They amazed me with their first meeting, with their back and forth of hate to love and their beautiful and oh-so-sweet chemistry! I am surely satisfied on how these brilliant characters got their happy ending. Jill Shalvis, you are a genius and I can’t wait to read more about all this people. Highly recommend this one!

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