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Review: ‘Wanderlust’ by Lauren Blakely

4.5 ‘Love in Paris’ Stars!

And that people is how you fall in love in Paris! On a perfect setting, full of romance, great views, lots of fun and heated sexual tension. You all know how good Lauren Blakely is in all those aspects and she definitely did not fail with this wonderful book. Yes, I waited until it released in eBook form and let me tell you, reading this while also listening to the audiobook and that sexy voice Richard Armitage has.. OMG I died! Such a lovely reading experience for me.

So, Wanderlust is Lauren’s newest standalone release and it a perfect portrait of a couple that cannot stop themselves from falling in love in the most romantic city in the whole wide world: Paris. Joy needs a change and what better way to do that than start working in the city of love? But this girl is not ready to love right now. She wants to forget, she wants to focus on her career and she definitely does not need a hot British guy in her life. Here comes Griffin, said hot British guy, who is now her translator and teacher while Joy is learning French. Chemistry cannot be stopped, am I right?

I believe Paris is where you go to reinvent yourself.
That’s why I’m here.
To start over. To embrace life, opportunity, and beauty.

Lauren Blakely has a magic power. She creates the most amazing romantic comedies! And Wanderlust is no exception. A swoony hero, a sassy heroine, amazing secondary characters and a beautiful connection: that is what this book is. I love how this author builds love relationships: it’s all about the anticipation of what is to come. Joy and Griffin start as friends (friends that are very attracted to each other) and I loved that. I loved seeing how those feelings cannot be stopped and they finally act on it.

“Je te veux tellement.”
I want you so much.

I didn’t come to Paris to fall in love, but Paris had other plans for me. 

And, oh boy when they do! Holy smokes, this couple was so swoony and so hot! I just can’t get over on how much I love Lauren’s heroes. Griffin is everything and the passion and sparks he creates with Joy will melt your heart and your panties! Besides that, I also really loved the emotional part of the story, especially towards the end. Both characters follow their hearts and I am so happy how they ended up. These two surely deserved a happy ending!

I want her to get lost with me so I can be the one to find her. 

Therefore, I am rating Wanderlust with 4.5 STARS because Lauren created another unique, funny, sweet and sexy love story that I absolutely adored. I fell in love with Paris (I so wanna go there!), I fell in love with Griffin and the amazing chemistry he has with Joy. I am excited to read the next story with the characters we’ve met in Wanderlust. I am sure Lauren will not disappoint us!

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