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Review Tour: ‘The Secret Thief’ by Nina Lane

The Secret Thief

By Nina Lane
Release Day – April 3rd


The Secret Thief by [Lane, Nina]

Behind his beautiful eyes
Lay a thousand secrets and lies.
But my own secrets are all laid bare
The twisted reality of a disgraceful affair.

I once deciphered the mysteries hidden in art
Then mistakes and desire tore me apart.

Now I’m shipwrecked at the end of the earth
Desperate again to prove my worth.

The lighthouse keeper is a stranger to me
Yet one night with him sets me free.

We find ourselves united by the stars above
Both of us needing the salvation of love.

Until our secrets and shame continue to build
And what was flourishing will soon be killed.



4.5 ‘Secrets and fairy tales’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author via Ink Slinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

Please let me take a moment to fully appreciate this masterpiece I just finished reading. I knew Nina Lane was about to deliver something different, and I knew it would be amazing too. You’ll know what I mean if you have read any of her novels before because this lady creates magic. In every sense of the word: pure magic. The Secret Thief was poetic, beautifully written, fluent, dramatic, sexy and heartfelt. It was original, suspenseful and it gripped me from the very beginning. I knew Nina Lane would not disappoint (because she never does!).

So, The Secret Thief is Nina’s newest standalone release and, as I mentioned, it’s a bit different from what we are used to from her. This book, even though it’s still very romantic and sexy, it also was full of mysteries and and it feels like a fairy tale. Eve Perrin is an art history professor and her life just got turned upside down. She moves to Castille, where she has inherited a house from her beloved uncle, who was the only person in the world that brought magic to Eve’s life with his love for fairytale books. Now, everything changes when she leaves her biggest secret in the lighthouse’s wall and she meets the mysterious Flynn Alverton. Her desires spark all over again with the connection she feels towards him and that is the start of this magical and thrilling love story.

She’s the first spark in years. The one who will set his world on fire.

The writing in this novel is absolutely amazing. I am sure you know by now how much I love whatever Nina Lane writes and she did a fantastic job with this original story. Definitely more towards the dramatic and suspenseful side but still The Secret Thief is full of Nina’s touches of romanticism and sexiness. I adored the building of the relationship between the main characters, even though it felt a bit slow at the start, and it completed with a mind-blowing chemistry.

He’s like the sea—mysterious, unpredictable, powerful. I could get lost in him, drown, let him sweep me away to a distant land where no one knows who I am and what I’ve done. 

And we cannot forget mentioning (again) how smoking hot this novel was! I love an author that is able to write a good dirty hero and mixing that goodness with lots of romantic moments. Nina Lane is one of my favorites when it comes to that and she did a fabulous job keeping her unique touches and also adding new and original ones in The Secret Thief. I loved the fairy tale feel it has and those moments that kept me glued to my Kindle’s screen. And, of course, I have to also mention how much I love a good ending. It was beautifully romantic!

My impenetrable, stern lighthouse keeper. My mysterious crush. My hot fantasy. My beloved lover. My secret thief. 

Therefore, my rating for The Secret Thief is 4.5 STARS because I felt compelled by the magic of this wonderful love story. I loved the storyline, the mysterious and magic feel to it and the chemistry between Flynn and his Fiamma (you’ll get that name if you have read the book and you’ll melt all over the place because of it!). Again, Nina Lane did not fail me and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Highly recommend reading this one!

The Author

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances about professors, bad boys, candy makers, and protective alpha males who find themselves consumed with love for one woman alone. Originally from California, Nina holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization. She also enjoys traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once. Although Nina would go back to college for another degree because she’s that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer.

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