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Review: ‘When I Fall’ by J. Daniels

4.5 ‘You and me, brave girl’ Stars!

My God. These Alabama boys are making my heart (and my panties) flip! This series keeps getting better and better with each book. Every now and then, when I am in the mood to get back to a series, I always get back to the ones that I loved. The Alabama Summer series by J. Daniels is one of those. I fell in love with these characters since the very first meeting and now it’s time for the playboy Reed to fall head over heels for a kickass heroine and boy, does he fall hard!

When I Fall is the third installment in this series and it tells the love story between the playboy in the Alabama crew, Reed Tennyson, and the young woman looking for a new life after living a bad past, Beth Davis. Reed has sworn off love, he was hurt in the past by a woman and he is not having it. He surely is a one-night-stand type of guy. At least he is until he meets his one true love: Beth. Beth is starting a new life, she is enjoying being with her aunt and uncle and she loves the sparks she feels when she is near Reed. Prepare because this ride will become sweet, sexy and emotional (especially when feelings get involved!).

“I couldn’t leave you alone,” he confesses, his eyes following his hand. “I couldn’t sit at the bar, watching you, and only wonder what you felt like against me. I think I would’ve gone a little mad just staring at you.” His eyes meet mine. “You see that, right? You see that I had to come over here.” 

J. Daniels stole my heart with her Sweet Addition series but I do confess that The Bama boys and the women in their lives are also taking a piece of my heart! I loved the interations with all these characters (loved seeing Ben, Mia, Luke and Tessa again!) but now let’s talk about the main event here: Reed and Beth are amazing together! I really enjoyed the start with the “fake relationship” they have, the sexual tension and all those feels! Gah, J. Daniels kills it everytime!

“I want all of me inside you. Every inch, Beth.”
All of me. All of you.
You and me.

Of course, as you can imagine (if you have read anything by this author before), Reed is one hell of a dirty talker. Oh yeah, the sex is off-the-charts and you’ll definitely enjoy all that yummyness. But what I also love about this books is that they can also get very heartfelt. The past of both main characters is not as easy as the present they are living (especially Beth’s) but these two are so strong together and they fight for what they feel. I loved how sentimental it got towards the end and I am so happy this couple ended up together and happy!

“It’s only ever been you, Beth.” […] “Only ever loved you, brave girl. No one else.” 

Therefore, my rating for When I Fall is 4.5 STARS because I fallen in love with the Bama boys all over again, especially Reed this time of course! J. Daniels delivered another stunning love story and another outstanding couple. The series keeps getting better and better for me and this story was gold: I loved Reed and his brave girl! Highly recommend reading this one.

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