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ARC Review: ‘The Ruthless Gentleman’ by Louise Bay


4.5 ‘My pleasure’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

And Louise Bay strikes again, everybody! I’ve been a fan of her writing for a while now and this woman surely knows how to write fabulous contemporary romances with some of the hottest billionaires in the romance book community. When it comes to her creations, I always expect a couple with a deep connection, lots of chemistry between them and sexiness and now I can say she did a brilliant job with this one!

The Ruthless Gentleman is Louise’s newest standalone release and we are meeting brand new characters on this one. This is the love story between Hayden Wolf, a British businessman that is ruthless when it comes to what he wants, and Avery Walker, the head stewardess of the yacht where Hayden will stay for the next two months. Our hero is a very private and mysterious person and let’s just say he wants to keep it that way during his “vacation”. His next big deal needs to be a secret but not everything is that easy, especially when he finds himself very distracted by the connection he feels towards certain stewardess.

The outside of him—the suit, the hair, even his walk—was smooth, but the way he was so guarded in what he said, so private and measured . I couldn’t help but feel there were things below the surface I wanted to know. 

Louise Bay is one of the best authors out there when it comes to delivering sexy British moguls, that is for sure! Hayden Wolf did not disappoint me at all, especially with the amazing heroine he has by his side. Avery is a very humble woman, a woman that left her dreams aside to take care of her family situation and she does not regret it. However, Hayden and the feelings he brings out make her see life in a new light and they start enjoying it together. These two as a couple simply blew my mind! The sexual tension, the connection, the chemistry.. All absolutely fantastic!

I’d resisted because the transparent but very clear divide between crew and guest, which was always in place, even when we were dancing and singing along with them, I felt crumbling when I was with Hayden.

It was as if our bodies were designed to be together. As if I could read what she needed, and it was exactly what I had to give her. 

I also really enjoyed the whole mystery around Hayden’s business and how Avery is able to help him, calm him and also keep him on his toes. They make a great team together and, of course, they do not lack of chemistry! My God, these two were smoking hot. All those sexy scenes did burn my Kindle! Also, it got even better when emotions got in the mix. I am so happy this couple grow together as individuals and that they fight for their relationship: I love me a good happy ending!

She was my sunset and my sunrise. My choppy waters and my calm seas.
My everything.

Therefore, my rating for The Ruthless Gentleman is 4.5 STARS because Louise Bay just gave us another sexy British hero and a great and strong heroine to love. I loved the theme of this story, I loved all these new characters and I definitely loved the chemistry and the beautiful connection between Hayden and Avery. I am always in the mood for a good contemporary romance and Louise did not fail with this one. If you are a fan of hers, be sure to check this one out!

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