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Review: ‘Birthday Girl’ by Penelope Douglas

4 ‘Birthday wish’ Stars!

I am all about forbidden romances so when I saw everyone raving about this one I had to see it for myself! I love the age-gap theme when it’s done properly and Penelope Douglas definitely did not fail with this novel. This is my second book by her and I have to say the woman did a fantastic job. Birthday Girl was angsty, filled with secrets, sexual tension and also very emotional.

So, Birthday Girl is Penelope’s newest standalone release and, as you can imagine, it’s all about a young woman who has just turned nineteen but is not at her best moment in life. She comes from a poor background and now she is “forced” to live in her boyfriend’s father house. Imagine when said father, Pike Lawson, a man who doubles Jordan’s age, finds himself very attracted to his son’s girlfriend. Lines start to blur, things get complicated (and sexy!) and a forbidden romance starts.

We want it, but we know we shouldn’t.

I know I can’t have her, but it still won’t stop. The desire. 

I was extremely surprised of how this book turned out to be. It was surely more than I expected! Many of my book friends are huge fans of this author and I get why. Birthday Girl was engaging, with two main characters that built a beautiful but taboo relationship and that becomes one hell of a love story. I adored Pike and Jordan together: they connect in so many levels (despite their age difference) and it’s impossible for them not to fall in love. Also, the sexual tension was on point and the sex oh-so-very-hot! And you all know how much I love when emotions get in the mix.. I loved these two finding their much deserved happy ending!

“Turns out my dream girl belongs to the one person it would kill me to hurt.”

I’m happy every day. There’s nothing that feels better than him. 

Therefore, my rating for Birthday Girl is 4 STARS because I loved the forbidden theme, the angst, the building of the relationship between Pike and Jordan and all that amazing chemistry between them. Man, the sexual tension is so good! I only wish the ending was a little bit longer but I loved everything else about this couple and their engaging love story. This was my second book by Penelope Douglas and now I can say it will not be the last one! Highly recommend!

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