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ARC Review: ‘The Wild Heir’ by Karina Halle

4.5 ‘Question tiiiime’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.

If you thoght Karina Halle’s royals could not get any better, I am very happy to tell you they absolutely do! After finishing The Swedish Prince I had high hopes that Karina would write Magnus story. He sounded like such a wild royal and, as the title of his book says, he surely is a wild heir. And what better way to see all sides of this man than when he meets his match in the woman he must marry to avoid more scandals in the family, am I right?

So, The Wild Heir is Karina’s newest release and it can be read as a standalone novel. Still, Magnus made his first appearance in The Swedish Prince, since he is one of Viktor’s best friends. Now let’s focus on his story. Magnus is next to the throne in Norway and he is a scandalous prince. He loves extreme sports, he loves expressing his opinion and he loves women. Well, his latest scandal is too much for the royal family and now he has to find a solution. The solution? He has to marry a blue-blooded stranger: Isabella of Liechtenstein. The thing is Ella does not like him. Or that is what it seems.. Will Magnus be able to uncover Ella and let her see all his layers? Let’s find out!

If I’m rattling her cage, she’s rattling mine. Only I’m not sure she’d like the animal inside of it. 

I loved this story. I aboslutely loved it. Who does not love a royal marriage of convenience turning into a hell of a love story, right? Magnus and Ella are such a fantastic couple. I loved their banter, the funny moments, the surprises, the sexual tension, the relatioship between the royal family and the off-the-charts chemistry between the main characters. The Wild Heir had everything I enjoy in Karina’s romances and it surely did not dissapoint with the couple this author delivered. They are amazing together.

I want to ruin him and I want him to ruin me. The need, the power, is intoxicating.
One day he’ll rule this country.
Right now I want to rule him.

The fairytale feel to this story made it even better. I love arranged marriages turning into real love and Magnus and Elle made me melt all over with the emotions they brought out in me. Yes, the tension and their connection was mind-blowing but when it got difficult and emotional? OMG, even better! To see these two fall in love and also discover all their layers together, it was so beautiful. It was great to see them fight for their love, to see them growing as individuals and as couple and to see them get their happy ending. Gah, I love a royal romance!

This woman is my fucking queen and I will never ever lose sight of that. 

Therefore, my rating for The Wild Heir is 4.5 STARS because it was the perfect royal romance, with lots of awesome moments and a couple with lots of chemistry. I do wish the “romance” part of this love story was a little bit longer but, besides that, I loved every second of it! Magnus and Elle are perfect for each other and you don’t want to miss reading their story, trust me! If you are a fan of Karina’s or you love royal romances, be sure to check this one out.

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