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ARC Review: ‘Clandestine Royal’ by Gigi Thorne

4 ‘Eternal love’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I was all over this novella as soon as I realized one of my favorite authors ever had written it. Yes, Kate Stewart has written Clandestine Royal as Gigi Thorne and let me tell you, this royal, angsty and emotional love story is to die for! I don’t know how this woman did it but this short story has everything I enjoy in her full lenght novels: complex characters, a couple with lots of chemistry and all kinds of emotions running all over the place.

“If you truly want to be mine in a way no one else has, promise yourself to me, right here, right now and I will never stray from you, I’ll never stay away. And I’ll make the same promise.” 

I really enjoyed how this story was developed. I loved the theme, I loved all the twists and surprises and of course, I loved the couple. Luke and Sarafina have this beautiful connection and yes, the book does not start with them in a very good place (my God, I hated Alex with all my heart!), but everything turned out the way I expected it to be in the end. The chemistry between these two is off-the-charts and all those feels, OMG so good! I wish Clandestine Royal was longer because I really loved Luke and Fina’s royal romance.

Luke was born my king no matter his station. He would forever rule my heart. 

Also, I do hope Kate writes more about royals because she did an amazing job with this novella! I am rating it with 4 STARS because it was a great read but I do wish we had more time to get to know more these characters and their full love story. Now, if you are a fan of Kate or you enjoy a good, sexy and emotional short story with complex characters, be sure to check this one out!

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