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Review Tour: ‘The Earl of London’ by Louise Bay


4.5 ‘Count on me’ Stars!

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Louise Bay is the queen of yummy and delicious British heroes. I fell in love with her books a few years ago and since then I can’t stop reading whatever she releases. Well, her newest release is out today and I do have to say, I was so excited about it! Finally, we get Darcy’s story and, oh yes, it was SO worth the wait! Louise keeps killing it with the stories around all these amazing characters she has created and this one was no exception.

So, The Earl of London is, as I said, Louise Bay’s newest release. Yes, it can totally be read as a standalone novel. But also yes, if you have read the previous books around this world, I do believe you will enjoy this even more. Now, this is the love story between Darcy Westbury and Logan Steele. These two have a hilarious and full of chemistry first meeting and they find themselves very much attracted to one another. However, that changes when Darcy discovers that her new neighbor is about to “destroy” her beloved home town. Is Logan as ruthless as he seems to be? Is Darcy ready to fight against the weird and new feelings Logan provokes in her? Will they continue being enemies or will love find its way? Read this wonderful book to find out 😉

She was all fire on the outside and cool breeze on the inside, and I wanted to dive in and experience it all. 

I just fell completely in love with this couple. I love a strong-minded heroine and I also love a reluctant-to-love hero. Logan and Darcy are quite different from one another but that does not stop them from having lots of chemistry. I am a fan of enemies to lovers romance and The Earl of Londonwas such a good example! I am also a huge fan of secondary characters. I loved Logan’s grandma, I loved Darcy’s family and friends and I loved seeing characters from the previous books. But, of course, the best part about this novel is the couple. My God, these two are explosive together! And yes, it gets even better when love finds its way. I adored the ending. I love a hero that knows how to sweep the heroine off her feet. Logan and Darcy are simply an amazing couple and I am so happy they found their happiness together!

I’d never felt so connected to someone, so completely in tune with a man. I wanted him. I wanted everything with him.

I couldn’t bear the thought of not loving Darcy Westbury for the rest of my life. 

Therefore, my rating for The Earl of London is 4.5 STARS because I just enjoyed how amazingly this love story developed. Full of sexual tension, emotions and super-hot chemistry: who is complaining? Not this girl! Darcy and Logan are perfect together, they have a beautiful relationship and I hopelessly enjoyed the way Louise Bay ended this book. Gah, I love a good happy ending! I do hope we get even more stories about the new characters we met because I simply want more. Highly recommend!

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