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Review: ‘The Governess Game’ by Tessa Dare

4.5 ‘Bookshop Rake’ Stars!

I think everyone that loved The Duchess Deal has been waiting very much impatiently for this book. Since I freaking adored the first installment in this series, it becoming one of my all-time favorite’s historical romances, I had crazy high expectations for book number two. Especially since I had the weirdly adorable first meeting between this couple fresh in my mind. Was The Governess Game what I hoped it would be? Oh yes!

So, this novel is the second installment in Tessa Dare’s Girl Meets Duke series and it’s time for Alexandra Mountbatten to fall in love with a glorious rake. She meets said rake in a bookshop, they share an unforgettable firs meeting and after several months she hasn’t been able to forget the delicious Chase Reynaud. What a coincidence it is when Alex appears in Chase’s doorstep and several minutes later she becomes the governess of the two adorable little ladies our hero is guarding. Well, everything gets even more complicated when these two start knowing each other well and they keep sharing moments filled with chemistry and sexual tension. Will Chase break his ‘no attachments’ rule? Will Alexandra resist his charms? Nothing is impossible when love gets in the way!

Every woman was unique, but she was just so different. Strange and brave and clever. She made him different, too. For once, he wanted to slow down, take time to explore and notice everything about her, rather than hide from himself. 

I love a good historical romance as much as any other romance reader and I do have to say I am quickly becoming addicted to all things Tessa Dare. Yes, The Duchess Deal is still my favorite but The Governess Game was a fantastic continuation of this series. This novel is full of swoons, adorableness, banter, sexual tension and emotions. I loved Chase and Alexandra together. They complement each other really well, they have mind-blowing chemistry and you’ll definitely not get bored with their banter and interesting conversations! Even more, what makes this book even more amazing are Daisy and Rosamund: they will steal your heart as quickly as they stole Alex’s and Chase’s. All together they have amazing moments and I am so happy they got their happy ending (I do wish the ending was a bit longer though)!

“His sexual escapades are merely the tip of the iceberg.”
“Oh, I haven’t even acquainted her with the tip,” Chase said merrily. “Not properly.”

“I’d part with my life before I let you go.” 

Therefore, I am rating The Governess Game with 4.5 STARS because it was a fantastic second installment to the Girl Meets Duke series, especially with all that banter, cuteness and all those swoony and sexy moments! Chase and Alex make a great couple and together with Daisy and Rosamund a beautiful family. I was so happy to see all these characters fall in love and I can’t wait for the next book in the series (will it be Penny’s story, maybe?). Keep up the good work, Miss Tessa Dare! Again, a great read that I highly recommend to all historical romance lovers!

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