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ARC Review: ‘Hard Sell’ by Lauren Layne

5 ‘Love negotiations’ Stars!

ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Can I just say, once again, that I am addicted to Lauren Layne’s novels? Yes, I seem a broken record because I keep loving everything this woman writes. Yes, she did it again. I rated Hot Asset, the first in this series, with 5 stars also. So as you can see, I enjoyed Hard Sell just as much. An amazing frenemies-to-lovers romance that made me laugh, swoon and feel all the emotions. I thought Matt and Sabrina had something amazing going on when I first read about them and I am so glad I wasn’t wrong.

So, Hard Sell is the second installment in the 21 Wall Streetseries by Lauren Layne and this time the story is focused on Matt Cannon and Sabrina Cross. Matt is the youngest in the three sexy suits we have in the series, he is very successful and he kind of messed up his reputation with news on a crazy night in Las Vegas. Who is about to rescue him and help him restore his image faking to be a loving girlfriend? His frenemy Sabrina, of course. This two have a weird, full of sexual tension relationship. And that gets even more tense when Sabrina imposes a “no hook-ups” rule. But no one is able to fight against explosive chemistry, right? Even more.. against love?

Matt’s entire life is a game. So is mine.
Only this one we’re playing together, which makes it all the more dangerous.

As with everything between us, though, sex is a war, and Matt’s determined to win this battle. 

I ADORED EVERY SINGLE WORD IN THIS BOOK. Yes, I am shouting it all over the place. I don’t know how Lauren does it but the majority of her books just click with me and my tastes in light romance. I love having a great list of characters, I love an entertaining storyline, I love a couple that tries to fight against feelings and isn’t able to and I love a good dose of sexiness and emotions. Hard Sell has everything I just mentioned. Sabrina and Matt have this very especial connection. A connection that works oh-so-well. There is not an ounce of hate between them but there surely are lots of other feelings in the mix. And I loved every single moment of them in this love story. These two are burning hot and simply fantastic together. And their ending.. GAH! I am still swooning and melting!

The way he makes me feel has always made me want to run.
But not anymore. Now I want to… stay.

Therefore, I am rating Hard Sell with 5 STARS because Lauren just keeps surprising me with the creation of all these outstanding couples and their love stories. I am a fan of the whole 21 Wall Street crew and Sabrina and Matt did not disappoint with their story. I am just a huge fan of light romance but full with great characters, friendship, love and sexiness. I loved this couple and the development of their story, I loved their chemistry and their HEA. And I cannot wait to read the third book too (Kennedy and Kate, oh yeah!). Again, highly recommend!

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