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Review: ‘Love Online’ by Penelope Ward

4.5 ‘Blue Skies’ Stars!

Penelope Ward’s stories always have her very special touch. They always feel familiar but they also are always very different from each other. I love this author’s originality with the themes and the surprises along the way of reading. Love Online sounded so good to me and, of course, I was pleasantly surprised after reading very few pages. Yes, our main couple meets online but it’s not exactly what you think it is.. It’s very difficult to explain anything without spoilers but trust me and don’t try to find them on reviews!

This is a love story between a handsome, rich and famous film producer called Ryder McNamara and the compelling woman he meets online, Eden. These two meet as “ScreenGod” and “Montana” and their story is extremely entertaining and unique! This couple finds a beautiful connection while talking to each other and they start falling in love even without truly knowing each other. Yes, they know the general stuff but what is behind their screens? Oh boy, that is so much more! And that is what makes Love Online such an amazing reading journey: it’s moving, funny, emotional and sensual. Probably one of Penelope’s sexiest books!

True relationships can be based on how two people connect, their shared ideals and tastes—their overall chemistry. And mine with Eden was off the charts. 

I really loved Ryder and Eden. They are so different from one another and they belong to two very divergent worlds. Still, they find a bond that once it starts it will not be stopped. Yes, these two have pasts, secrets and things they don’t share instantly but that is what got me hooked to this book. I loved all the surprises that I got while reading this novel and I loved how Ryder and Eden felt more connected because of them. These two.. my God! Ryder is so hot and Eden is his perfect match. They will burn your Kindles, oh yes! They are so great as individuals but they are sublime together. I am so glad I decided to read this story and I am so happy these two found each other and their happy ending!

“Every inch of my heart is filled with you. It’s been slowly filling up from the moment I laid eyes on you.” 

Therefore, I am rating Love Online with 4.5 STARS because Penelope Ward delivered another genuine love story that got me hooked from the very first page. I loved the characters, their relationship, the originality of the theme and the chemistry between Ryder and Eden. I love a unique story that makes me feel and makes me melt all over and this one definitely did that! As always, I can’t wait for her next book (new collab with Vi Keeland, yay!!) and I surely recommend reading this one!

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